Wednesday, 5 September 2012

OTL gets his Bee!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Well, this morning we were out for our walk along The Sea Wall a bit earlier than normal but that didn't help us, the rabbits were nowhere to be seen!

Mr & Mrs Corvid were out looking for breakfast but they didn't stop to chat, seems Mr Corvid is a bit grumpy until he has had his breakfast!

Oi! Got any Whelks?
Old Two Legs was a 'Happy Puppy', he found a couple of Shrill Carder Bees feasting on some flowers and managed to get a reasonable picture for identification. You can see the black spot on it's back, unlike the Brown Banded Carder that has a Honey Brown spot!

Shrill Carder Bee!
 Well, in fact he got two!

Another Shrill Carder Bee, from behind!
You know, there are only seven sites in the UK that these bees have been confirmed since 2000 and we got one right on our daily walking path! The same goes with the Brown Banded Carder as well. We have been looking on the web and really these are Bumble Bees rather than your common or garden bees and they need a flower rich grasslands to survive.

On the way back to the car, Holly spotted a single rabbit out on the path and set off in 'Full Steam' mode only to have the rabbit dive into the hole at the last moment, just to get up Holly's nose!

Stand Still and let me Eat You!

When we got home, OTL gave us our brush down and got rid of some of those nasty grass darts that stick in us, Holly even had one in her ear!

Then we were called into the kitchen for breakfast, Doggy Scoff, Yuk and Double Yuk!

We trotted up to our bowls took one sniff, turned around and went off to find OTL to complain, it is just not good enough, we love heart, liver, chicken, NOT DOGGY SCOFF!

We showed off all morning, we stayed in our beds in OTL's office and refused to get up!

 On our lunch time walk The Missus came as well, just for a breath of fresh air. So, just to make her feel bad, we both had a hunt on the beach to see if there were any whelks that we could chew on!

See any Whelks?
Unfortunately, we didn't find any, so Holly and I sort of whimpered every time we got close to TM!

We even asked OTL, in a loud voice, if we could eat the grasshoppers on the path 'cos we were so hungry!

To eat or not to eat, that is the question!
 I tried to grab it, just for a taste of it's leg, but it was too quick and jumped out of the way into the grass.

Holly and I collapsed onto the path and complained that we were 'Faint with Hunger' and couldn't go a step further without food. It didn't do any good, the grasshoppers all cleared off and TM ignored us!

Faint with Hunger, we fell by the wayside!
OTL spotted a strange looking fly and took it's picture, after getting home we find out it was a Hover Fly called 'Helophilus pendulus', posh name for a fly!

'Helophilus pendulus'
We found it on a web site that had some super pictures of flies, they made OTL all jealous 'cos they were so sharp and in focus!

Have a look and you will see what I mean.

Back home and we can sniff that OTL has got Gammon tonight, so we may be in luck for a nibble before he gets stuck in!

If we survive until tomorrow, we will see you then.

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly (Poor Hungry Little Puppy's)