Saturday, 9 June 2012

We got to a Birthday Party and end up in Jail!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again, just!

Today we have been out stalking rabbits, listing sniffs and landing up behind bars!

It started this morning with OTL taking us for our walk and enjoying the sun shine that was all over the place this morning.

First we went for a stalk in the undergrowth looking for rabbits.

I can sniff them but I can't see any!
Even Holly got involved with some really Deep Sniffin!

Deep Sniffs from Holly!
But that didn't produce and rabbits either!

So we resorted to our 'Tried and Tested' sniff places.

This one is known as 'Sniff Number Four'

Sniff No. 4
Other than the normal sea type of sniffs there was nothing new at all. Was this going to be a boring stroll along The Sea Wall?

We came across a Wormy Man bringing his bucket of worms back from the mud flats and Holly reckoned there was a good chance he would have a sandwich he might share with us, so, while he was cleaning his boots of the mud that had stuck to them, she went up and asked him if he had anything to eat for us.

No! I don't have any sandwiches!
He was rather rude 'cos he shouted at Holly to 'clear off ' and 'leave him alone'!

Ooooooo! We thought, that is a sure sign he has sandwiches and he doesn't want to share them!

Old Two Legs called us way 'cos he says that it was getting late and we were due to go out soon.

That sounded interesting but he wouldn't tell us where we were going!

After an hours drive in the car we arrived at Alun's place. Alun is OTL's cousin and he was having a birthday party. OTL had checked to see if we could come as well providing we behaved ourselves.

Wot! Us misbehave? Never!

Well, we got there and it was a bit hot, so we had a run around the garden and a little boy chased me and grabbed my fur, which hurt me, so, I did my 'Dothatagainsonshineand I'lltearyoulimbfromlimb' grumble.

OTL was standing next to me and heard my threat. So, he picked Holly and me up and put us in the 'Stock Room' where we had to stay for hours and hours!

In Jail,  but I only growled at him, honest!
Holly said that I had got us both into trouble and we would never get out again and we were doomed to a life behind bars like naughty dogs!

OTL finally came and let us out and said that we had to be good dogs and not eat the children.

That was OK, we don't reckon they tasted very good and anyway, we would have rather mugged these three for their ice cream!

Hear No Trubble, See No Trubble, Do No Trubble!
 Unlike this lot of Hooligans!

The Pimms & Champagne Mob!
After the party, we slept all the way home in the car, so did The Missus, but she said it was because of the Pimms and Champagne she had been introduced to!

Let's hope tomorrow will be sunny 'cos OTL has got to get on with the pond again before the rain comes!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly