Monday, 27 February 2012

Monday, Busy, Busy, Busy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you.

What a day it has been, Old Two Legs was up early, (most unusual), we were out for our walk about an hour early, (very unusual!), I got the rats, (almost unheard off!!!)

OTL had a lot to do today, first there was deliveries he missed yesterday, then he had to drop some other stuff off and that should have been done yesterday as well! After that he had an appointment with one of his customers that couldn't wait until tomorrow!

So, hence our early walk along the Sea Wall.

We had a sniff or two but it was just not right, too early and our body clocks were not given prior notice, so everything was messed up!

Anything to get you going?
We started off with our 'together sniffs'

Then tried the 'loan sniff' but it didn't work, well not for me anyway!

Nah! Nothing for me here!

Then we joined up again and found that silly tree they planted yesterday but it had been dug up and thrown across our path!

Still reckon they look silly!
Silly leaves!

On we went and Holly said something about the way I was walking and I got upset.

That's when the fight started!

You are for it now!
Up and down the path we went, pushing and shoving and twisting each others tail and it took OTL a good five minutes to calm us down again.

I went off into the long grass as normal but I was a bit put out with this early morning and refused to go to OTL when he called.

I just sat down and looked the other way!

Off went OTL with Miss Goody Two Paws and put her in the car. I couldn't see OTL and I was getting just a little worried, so I had a walk along the path, just to see if I could see him, but he wasn't there!

I was now wondering what to do when all of a sudden he came up behind me, he had walked the other way around the bushes!

Off we went back home and by now OTL was late, so we missed out on our morning brush!

When he came back, around lunch time we went off to the rubbish tip with the old cooker in the back of the car and all the packing stuff as well.

Then when we got back home, OTL wired the cooker up to the electricity and The Missus cooked our Lambs Hearts, the first meal in the new cooker.

TM said that now she has her new cooker she can burn OTL's food evenly all over, instead of in patches as she has done for years!

Lucky OTL!

So you see, it has been a busy old day and we are only just catching up with ourselves!

Tomorrow we should see OTL's new camera arriving, so, claws crossed, we may get some pictures out of him!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly