Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Fun Day Monday

Hello to you all from Daisy & Holly,

We have been charging around in the snow again and this time we didn't get loads of snow balls sticking to our legs. So, now we can run almost flat out across the fields chasing each other.

Charging around on the snow
Holly has made a discovery. When we have our coats on, she can chase me, get along side of me, and grab my coat collar and roll me on the ground. SNEAKY OR WOT!

We went out with Old Two Legs to do some, 'Last Minute Shopping' as he calls it. Not too sure what he means but we did go to the Doggy Shop! and Oh! the Smells! They are SO Wonderful. Holly and I were going crazy. First we'd find one super smell, then find a better one, then one even more better, and then one betterer than that!!!

Heaven! it was just HEAVEN!

OTL brought some stuff but he would not let us see what it was, all he would say was,'Wait until and see what Father Christmas brings you'! 

(Father Christmas is the same as Santa Claus and he's the one with a reindeer called Rudolph that has a car brake light for a nose.)

If Father Christmas brings me a SatNav, does that mean I'll get a camel as well?

Back to the afternoon snooze before a walk and dinner. 

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly