Monday, 31 March 2014

He's Back Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

Sorry about the missed blogs but Old Two Legs didn't get back until late yesterday and after we had all said 'Hello' and told our stories about what has been happening, it was just too late to sit down and type out the blog!

Mind you, today has been a bit eventful!

It started out far too early, about an hour too early! I just don't know why you Two Legs keep messing about with the clocks. Let's face it, if you want to get up earlier to milk the cow or dig a field, then get up an hour earlier and leave the rest of us in bed!

So, there we were an hour earlier than normal and didn't we catch the rabbits out! You see they don't know anything about the clocks changing and we caught them out good and proper!

OTL was a bit slow getting the ferrets out of the car, so Holly and I went off down the path and ran into a crowd of rabbits. Of course, they scattered in all directions! Holly and I decided to chase one that was heading down the path towards OTL who was calling us and cuddling the ferrets at the same time!

Around the corner the rabbit went with us Doggy's in hot pursuit.  Ahead of the rabbit was OTL and two ferrets!

Poor rabbit didn't know what he was to do!

So, in the end he dived into the bushes and disappeared down a hole! We don't know if it was a rat or rabbit hole, but he got away!

Holly and I went back to the Rabbit Hunting Ground and scared the tails off a few more rabbits before joining the ferrets down on the beach!

There is Just Too Many Woofers Today!
 Down on the beach Miss Snowflake was in two minds on going in for a swim, first of all she got close to the water but as the sea splashed onto her paws she decided that maybe it was not really warm enough for a dip!

Maybe I will and Maybe I won't!
Mr Brambles was Humming and Haring about going in as well but just like Snowflake, he decided the sun wasn't warm enough for a splash!

Maybe I will but there again...........I won't!
Both of them ran back up the beach and had a cuddle while waiting for OTL and getting ready to head back to the car!

I think we made the right decision today to stay out!
Now, all this rabbit chasing we did has caused a problem with my back legs. It's not until I get home and have a rest that the pain kicks in and I can't walk without it hurting.

OTL thinks it is a sort of cramp I get and gives me a cuddle and then massages my back legs while I am spread out on my back!

It helps, but I am forced to stay and have a sleep before the pain goes away enough for me to walk properly.

So, today I have been under the desk on my cushion and then OTL carried me down stairs and I spent the afternoon on OTL's chair, trying to have a snooze and getting more massages from OTL when he has a break from 'Manufacturing' as he calls it!

You know, I even stayed on the chair when he went down to the carriers to send off the stuff!

With a bit of luck the pain will wear off before we have to go to bed or otherwise I will have to spend all evening cuddled up in OTL's arms while he rubs my legs.

It's a Hard Life sometimes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles