Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Nest Building!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What another super sunny day, we have been out with Old Two Legs, having a walk along The Sea Wall this morning.

Even Holly said it was good fun!

This is Fun!
We heard a Nightingale singing it's head off and Holly tried to whistle the song as well. Well, it sounded more like thunder than a song and OTL asked why Holly was blowing raspberries!

We met up with Mr Corvid who was out looking for breakfast.

Seen any good whelks lately?
After we got back, OTL tried to get some more eye drops in my eye, in the end he had to trick me by pretending he was going to wipe my eye with an eye cleaning pad but squirted the eye drops instead!

Sneaky, that's what he is!

Lunchtime we went out for a walk along the old Sea Wall and found loads of smelly bits to roll in!

I found a Smelly!
Poor OTL got cross with us and threatened to put us both in the shower when we got home, not that his threats were anything to worry us about! We kept rolling in Smelly's and chewing on goose poo!

Daisy in the Daisy's!
Holly thought it was funny when I crouched down and said I was hiding in the Daisy's!

We raced down to the other end of the water and I went in collecting sticks, I said I was going to build a nest, just like the swans do, all made from twigs and reed stalks!

Looking for twigs.

First of all you have to find the twigs, so off I went for some 'Deep Paddling' to get the twigs and reeds.

Holly said she would stand guard to stop any Geese or Swans pinching my nest material!

Hey! Gottany Spare Twigs?
 You know I spent a good ten minutes looking for twigs and bringing them back to the shore.

and another twig!
I must say that it got a bit boring, all that backwards and forwards collecting one twig at a time!

Then I spotted Holly, picking up my twigs and throwing them back into the water, so, I was picking up the same twig and bringing it back and she was throwing it out again!

It was then that the fight started!

I chased that Porky Puppy all over the place and twisted her tail as a punishment!

Back home again for an afternoon snooze and OTL had more fun getting a drop of eye stuff into my eye!

I think that we both will be glad when the last drop comes out of the bottle!

Off for a chicken dinner now, so bye bye and see you again tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly