Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday with Old Two Legs

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

The Missus went out good and early this morning, she even pinched our car! We like the small car to go down to the Sea Wall for our morning walk ' cos OTL doesn't mind us not wiping our paws before getting in!

Not today, we had to wipe or paws and then get a 'Kit Inspection' before we were allowed to sit down!

Not that we minded really, well, we can be a bit mucky sometimes if we decide to go paddling in the mud!

Lunch time we took OTL down to The Forest 'cos we wanted to try hunting squirrels again.

Not that we had any luck, not a squirrel to be seen and the bird life kept high in the trees as well.

It wasn't our fault, you see, being Sunday the world and his wife, plus the children were out walking in the woods. Not being interested in squirrels, everyone was running around and making loads of noise!

Of course, that kept all the wild life away from us!

I got so cross with one bunch, I did one of my Big Woofin 'SHUT UP' barks, but they totally ignored me and carried on making a din.

Will you Woofin Shut Up!!!!!

Holly says we should rush over and give them a bite on the leg, at least then they will have something to shout about!

OTL said NO, so we didn't!

I spotted a spider out for his lunch time run on the concrete path and he said that he hadn't seen a squirrel all day and thanks for not treading on him!

No squirrels here!

OTL got fed up with looking for birds and stuff, so he started to look at the flowers to photograph but the wind was blowing too hard, so he soon gave up on them!

We said he should try the tree buds that were bursting, so he did!

New Leaves bursting out of the Buds!

A sure sign the forest is coming back to life again after the Winter!

We have an appointment to have our hair cut tomorrow, so early to bed and early to rise so we can get our morning walk before or Shampoo & Set as OTL calls it!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Looking just a little Scraggy Today!)