Monday, 7 May 2012

Super Day Today!

Hi Woofers!

D&H Back again!

What a Day! Loads to tell you!

First of all, the day started as normal, but without the rain!

We went off to The Sea Wall for our morning constitutional!

The tide was right out, so Old Two Legs got all 'Arty' with a shot of the mud!

Mud Art by OTL!

Then, as he stood up, a Swallow went zipping past his ear!

Swallows at Speed!
Holly and I had a great time playing 'Chase' and I kept grabbing her tail as we were running!

My Famous Tail Grab & Twist!
We met up with a doggy we had met before and he told us of a 'Funny Sniff' back down the path and asked if we would tell him what it was the next time we met.

It's Back There!
Down the path we met Sparky who just loves OTL, he was all over him like a rash!

Hello OTL!
Holly thought she spotted a rabbit down by the bushes, so we raced down to find.........Nothing!

Wot Rabbit!
We got home and had some breakfast and a snooze, only to wake up to OTL doing some serious damage to the garden!

Now we know that OTL does some daft things but what will The Missus say when she spots this?

OTL's Upside Down Hill Fort!
Out comes TM and seems delighted! Wot? OTL not in Trouble?

It seems that TM has a thing about water and wants a pond in the garden, she has been after one for years and at one time she had a little water fall ornament thing in the house but the sound of the water pouring down the ornament kept on making her go to wee, so that got switched off!

So, it seems that it will take some time to get the pond dug, lined and sorted , even before the water goes in! So it looks like we have a long story to tell about our new pond, it could take until next year!

This afternoon we went down to The New Park!

We haven't been down there for ages, so it was good to have a run around catching up on the sniffs.

OTL even found some Fungi growing, he says it's because we have had so much rain and cold that the Fungi think its Autumn!

Summer Fungi!
There were loads of dogs we haven't met and we said 'Hello' to them on our way down to the swimming hole.

There was an old dog down there that had suffered a couple of strokes and said that he wished he could go swimming in the hole but his owner would only let him paddle by the shore!

A Few Years Ago I Would Go Swimming For This!
OTL threw the ball in the water and of course, I went swimming to get it out again!

I'm Swimming Again!
We didn't stay too long 'cos as much as I like the water, it was getting cold, so we ran back to the car where OTL put the heating on so I didn't get too cold before we got home.

I am going to have an early night tonight 'cos I am whacked after all that swimming and running!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly