Monday, 3 September 2012

I Love Mondays!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a gorgeous day today, the sun was shining this morning and except for next door having his drains unblocked at eight fifteen this morning and releasing a terrible pong, it was a good start to the day!

We were off to The Sea Wall as we normally do and went to say 'Hello' to the Bunnies, no bunnies, Holly says that they are trying to ignore us and were being just plain unsociable!

That is a bit like next door last night, the neighbour on the other side of us had a blocked drain and the blockage was under our garden, we think, so, a bit late yesterday evening the man with the unblocking tools arrived but could not get access to the drain from the blocked end, so, they had a look at our garden access and couldn't do anything there. Off they went next door to our other neighbours to ask if he could have a poke down their drain cover.

They said 'No'!

Now we reckon that is a bit 'un neighbourly' especially as that means our first neighbour can't use the toilet and stuff! Not a good thing to happen when your in your eighty's!

Well, the unblocking men came back this morning and did their stuff and released the pong!

All back to normal now but I don't think that our neighbours will be exchanging Christmas Cards this year!

Old Two Legs has been on the lookout for some rare bees that are supposed to lurk around The Sea Wall.

Scruffy? Just like OTL!
So far he has not found any, but he keeps looking!

Is this one?

Brown Banded Carder?
Trouble with bees and bugs like that, they just won't sit still while OTL takes their photo!

Holly has offered to 'Bonk' them so they are stunned but OTL said that wouldn't be fair and anyway, it might hurt the bee!

OTL said he may go back another time with his 105mm macro lens and see what he can find. Bet you when he does, they will all have flown off, just like the rabbits!

Talking of rabbits, Holly still has not perfected the art of 'Creeping Up On Bunny's' instead of creeping through the grass like the foxes do, she has this 'Death or Glory' approach, normally at top speed and with loud woofing!

Holly does 'The Bunny Chase'
Needless to say, she didn't find any bunnies behind the bush!

Hey, guess what? We have got a reply to our question regarding the Hawker Dragonfly.

Ms Claire Install, Conservation Officer at The British Dragonfly Society replied to OTL's email and confirmed that it was a Migrant Hawker and reading the info it seems that it is a bit rare. So, fame for OTL as he has registered it with the Dragonfly Society and we are now a special dot on a map!

We went out with The Missus for our lunch time walk, OTL has been very busy with some manufacturing and has not come out of the office all day.

Boring or what!

Still, we have been stretched out on the patio and around the pond, catching up on our tans!

Shortbread tonight and a cuddle with OTL before heading off for a pre night time snooze, before bed propper!

Bye by for now!


Daisy & Holly