Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Getting ready for some serious action!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here again!

OK, sorry, no pictures today 'cos we have all been very busy running around like blue tailed flies!

Eric and May came out for a walk first thing this morning but it was a little windy and just a teeny bit cold!

Not that it worried Eric too much but May did ask for a carry a couple of times!

Lunchtime it was Wendy who came out leaving Freddy de Snooze curled up in the cuddle cup bed!

The weather hadn't changed, it was still windy and just a little cold.


We have a wildlife pond in our garden that contains loads of insects and stuff that has arrived there by natural selection, with the exception of the frogs wot arrived in a plastic jug via Auntie Helen!

OTL got some aquatic plants to decorate the pond rim but all the rest is mother nature, including the three feet of rotting leaf mould from the tree in the garden.

Everything was going well and the plants got on with each other while the insects ate each other, as they do!

OTL does nothing other than top up the water level when the sun burns off the water during the hot weather.

Last year there appeared a strange looking plant that quickly took over the pond, killing off several of the plants and blocking the light from getting to the established plants. It played hell with the water snails and wiped out the plant that was supposed to make the water all clean and oxygenated! After it had made a really determined effort to take over not only the pond but all the surrounding areas, OTL decided it wasn't playing fair and started to dig it all up!

This year it has started to grow again!

Can't it take a hint?

So, armed with a sharp trowel, OTL set about digging up whatever new shoot stuck it's stalk and leaves above ground level and as much of the root as he could find!

Yesterday he decided that he was fighting a loosing battle and cold steel with a sharpy pointed end was not having the desired impression!

OTL has decided to 'Nuke' the unwelcome visitor that arrived in our garden via a lump of bird poo!

He has ordered up some syringes and a litre of commercial grade plant killer!

The plan is to let the stalk push its head up far enough so that OTL can stab it with a syringe full of Nasty Plant Nuking Fluid and that will kill off the roots and the stalk!

The best bit is it can be used around animals and sort of dies when it gets in contact with the earth!

If all goes to plan we should be rid of this foreign plant this year!

Well, that's the plan anyway!

All OTL has to do is sharpen the end of the needle if it won't go into the stalk but as he has loads of tools I'm sure that will be no problem!

So, that's what has been happening today!

We are all exhausted and are planning an early night, after a few nibbles of course!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!