Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Match Making!

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again!

The weather looks like it will be all bright and sunny over the weekend so we are expecting to get out for good run all over the place, with the ferrets if everything goes well!

It was such a nice morning that Old Two Legs took Wendy out for a morning walk instead of Eric, Eric was not happy about that!

Makes a nice change to be out first, but she doesn't know whats coming!
Yesterday Old Two Legs visited the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue to hand over a cheque for money donated by the lovely ladies of the Allhallows Glue & Glitter Croppers!

While he was there he said hello to some of the ferrets awaiting new homes.

He was very good, he said that he planned to get Eric and Wendy together in the same cage without any fighting!

Roy suggested a bowl with some Ferretone Oil in the bottom and to slosh some over the backs of their necks before putting them together.

Well, today we tried it, to start off with, it seemed to go well, both Eric and Wendy had their noses in the bowl slurping away at the oil and then started licking each others neck.

Things looked good, well, until the oil had gone and the back of their necks were almost dry.

Then with a big scream Wendy launched herself at Eric who was bowled over backwards wondering where this ball of fury had come from!

Eric did what most male ferrets do when attacked like that, he showed her his butt, so she tried to bite it!

At that point OTL stepped in and separated them and they broke off and ran away.

So, while OTL was cage cleaning there were minor scraps and screams amongst the toys and chasing all through the house!

After cleaning the cages both ferrets came into the office, climbed into each others cage and set about wrecking each others bed clothes. Blankets went up in the air, cuddle cups were thrown around and to finish off, they both did a poo in the bottom cage!

By the time all this had happened, both ferrets were a little snoozy and headed for bed. Wendy got into her bedding and Eric tried to get in with her!

That's when the fight started!

Once again OTL separated them and both got into separate beds, this seemed to work, for a couple of minutes. Miss Wendy decided that she wanted to get into her bed that Eric was occupying and as was then that the fight started!

How long before she discovers Eric is a little closer than she wants him to be!
This time OTL put Wendy in her cuddle cup, on the ground floor and Eric went up on the hammock on the top floor and there they stayed.

So, all today OTL has been in the office watching both ferrets and making sure there were no more fights, well, OK, there were one or two spats but nothing too violent!

Today OTL reckons it has gone very well and with a bit of luck by the time we go on holiday the pair of them will be all cuddled up and using just the one cage!

More news as it comes!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!