Thursday, 19 November 2015

Polly gets a Shock!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Miss April.

Wot a Grey Old Day it's been down here in North Kent.

We went out first thing and didn't see any sunshine at all, not even a beam of sun light through the clouds!

In fact the beam of sunshine we did see was young Barney No. 2 who came bounding along the Sea Wall to say 'Hello' to the ferrets!

Hello Girlies!
 Miss May was busy playing 'Bulldozers' in the sand!

Brrrmmmmm! Brrmmmm!
Miss April had done a sneaky, while Old Two Legs was down on the sand playing with May, April climbed up and got into OTL's jacket pocket!

This is better!
When we got to the Grass Path, Holly and I went off for a sniff but had to wait for the ferrets to finish their sniffing but they do take so long!

Even Mr Brambles didn't take this long!
When we got to the top of the path we heard the gentle pad of paws and little Polly arrived to say hello. The ferrets were on the ground and as Polly got close for a sniff, Miss May jumped forward and bumped into Polly's nose which surprised Polly so much she sat back on her tail!

Holly said that you have to be careful when a ferret is close 'cos you don't know what they are going to do!

Hello my Favourite Ferrets!
We had a visitor today, Auntie Chris who has come over to see us and play 'Glue Slapping' with The Missus. She said 'Hello' to the Page 3 Girls and even had a stroke when OTL got them out of their beds where they were snoring their heads off!

We were going to all go out for a walk but the rain started and Holly and I snuggled further into our cushions and the ferrets almost disappeared under their bedding as well!

Not that it saved them 'cos a bit later, like two thirty, OTL said there was a break in the rain and we were off in the car, together with our towel and rain coats!

We did notice that he didn't take his camera, he didn't want to get it wet!

Just as we got out of the car we met up with Bonnie, she is the Staffy that had an operation on all her Dew Claws. She said it was all healing up thanks and really didn't bother her any more.

OTL had brought the Ferret Bag and Miss April was refusing to come out 'cos the ground was wet and she doesn't do wet, just like Holly Dog!

OTL got her out a couple of times for a Wee, a Poo and a run, but she really just wanted to stay in the bag!

Back home the ferrets had a 'Rampage' in OTL's office. May was climbing up onto the desk top, then doing runs across the keyboard on both computers, making a big mess of OTL's work!

Both ferrets have been in and out of Snowflakes cage exploring all the bedding and Poo Trays. They said that if OTL does it up and re arranges some of the shelves, they may move in!

OTL wanted to know if they had arranged a mortgage yet!

Pretty soon even they got tired and headed back to bed for a snooze before going to bed for the night!

We are all looking forward to the Harrietsham Ferret Show on Saturday and OTL says that Miss May is in top condition. Miss April looks good but because she is a bit smaller than May she doesn't look so 'Rounded' like a ferret should look as Winter arrives!

OTL says that's because she spends too much time in the ferret bag instead of jogging along the Sea Wall!

We are off now to see what there is to mug.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly,Miss May and Miss April.