Sunday, 24 April 2011

A day chasing the birdies!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again with another day full of fun!

We started out by visiting Blean Woods, it was OK but us doggies were not allowed into the RSPB controlled site, we were banned to a 'Dog Walking' route which was not bad really. We had fun searching for new sniffs!
Super Blean Sniffs
Holly had some fun climbing old tree trunks that had fallen over in the storms.

Top of the Log table again!
We were running around and did not see that hiding behind a tree was a big Labrador who had just found a wet and smelly pond.

We went tearing around the corner, bumped into him and got chased all the way back to Old Two Legs!

Who is chasing Who?
After that walk we went off in Ian's car, (he's the Cat Person), driving along was fun, we were laying on OTL's lap looking out of the window and he had to warn us that if we were not careful, Ian would be changing gear using our tails!

Our next stop was Stodmarsh! That's the place with loads of reed beds and ducks and stuff like that!

The sniffs were good and we were tired and hot, so we slept in the bird hide while OTL and Ian looked at birdies and fish!

Common Carp
Yes, there in the water was loads of common carp swimming about!

Holly wanted to know if they tasted like cod! That girl is just too worried about her tummy all the time!

We got back from there and fell asleep in the caravan while OTL went off to try to photograph the barn owl. Four hours later back he came, yep! Nothing! Poor OTL. Maybe the barn owl has gone away for Easter!

Tonight we are back 'on Patrol' again as The Missus thinks there is a Fox creeping around the place at night, we didn't tell her it was OTL searching for the indigestion tablets!

We hope your having as much fun as us and we'll be back tomorrow.

Bye bye.


Daisy & Holly