Friday, 10 January 2014

OTL Left Us!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

This morning both ferrets came out with us for a walk! Well, Snowflake got carried down to the beach and so did Mr B. He was hiding in Old Two Legs hood on his coat and peeking out to see what was about! Snowflake of course was buried in OTL's pocket and just poked her nose out every so often, just to see where we were!

OTL threw her out once we had got to the beach and she said it was really too cold for ferrets to be out, but Mr Brambles gave her a cuddle and she then started to have a walk along the beach!

Come on, Snuggle up to my tail, it'll keep you warm!
 We did notice that Mr Brambles hair is growing well over his 'War Wound' and is now nearly as long as his Winter Coat!

Bushy Tail and a Good Growth of Hair!
 Holly and I were having fun chasing up and down the beach, first digging a hole down one end, racing up to the other and digging another hole, then we raced back and dug some more out of the hole and then raced all the way back to dig some more out of the other hole!

Both ferrets were watching us and Mr Brambles said that we were 'Potty Puppies'!

I'm glad I' not as Potty as those two!
Back home there was Doggy Scoff, terrible stuff!

We got taken to the vet to get some worming tablets and OTL had to put us on the weighing machine, Holly was a big Porky Puppy 'cos she weighed 9.6Kg!

Then it was my turn and I had put on a little bit, I was 7.6Kg!

OTL says that we are both .6Kg over weight and had to loose some fat!

Fat? Us?

So, now The Missus has got her orders, short rations and no Treats and no Shortbread and no Muggins and no Nibbles of Toast and Marmite and no pinching the Ferret Treats!

It's going to be hell!

Mind you, OTL has put on almost two Kg over the holiday himself and he has to cut down on the Shortbread, Whisky, Beer, Chocolate Nibbles, Twigglets and Cheese straws!

OTL is also increasing the stroke count he has to do on the Mary Celeste Rowing Machine in the morning, it is now one thousand three hundred strokes in thirty minutes!

Holly reckons that instead of making him thin again the rowing machine might just do him some irreparable harm or his legs might fall off!

As soon as we got home, OTL sorted the ferrets out and then disappeared off to one of his customers and didn't come back until late afternoon!

Mind you, we did get a walk over the fields with TM but the path and field were all wet and muddy, Yuk!

So, Holly and I are showing off 'cos we are banned from mugging and are just too weak to get out of bed, and it's only been one day!

However, we did get our own back!

These worming tablets are YUK! I mean really YUK! I don't know what they are flavoured with but it's nothing that Holly or I like!

So, to get us to eat them OTL has to get a quarter of a cheese biscuit, put a dollop of spreadable Gorgonzola cheese on the biscuit and then press the tablet into the cheese.

It will normally take two or three bits of biscuit and cheese before the whole lot goes down tablet and all!

Well, you've got to be sneaky sometimes!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.