Saturday, 12 November 2011

F1, Sand Hills of North Kent and Chicken Breakfast!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on misty Saturday.

We have been good puppies today, early this morning we woofed off a cat that was meowing out side the window, somewhere around three thirty it was. The Missus joined in the woofing as well and then told us to woof off back to bed!

When it got light we were expecting to get a walk with TM, well, she was all dressed up in her coat and had those flowery wellies on, the ones she uses to go paddling in the sea with, when we go on holiday in the summer!

We stood near the door but she sneaked out and left us with our legs crossed!

That was it, we went up to see Old Two Legs to complain!

OTL said that TM was going out  'Litter Picking' around the village with some other volunteers and he would take us out.

As we drove past the church, we saw a load of people in 'High Viz' jacket things and OTL slowed down and took some photos, it was just as we got level that we saw OTL and Auntie Sheila there all togged up for litter picking!

TM & Auntie Shelia off to Pick Litter!

TM says it's amazing just how much rubbish these Two Legs leave in the verges!

Holly me and OTL headed off to the Sea Wall, and when we got there, it was a case of 'Head for the Hills!

Well, the sand hills actually!

Holly and I ran up the hills and raced down them, again and again! It was just like being on holiday again!

Sand Hills of North Kent!
Holly ran down one and said that she was going so fast that when she went past OTL all he heard was Whoosh!

Just like 'Super Puppy'!

A Speeding Super Puppy!
OTL was rummaging around in the bushes and long grass and found a fungi he said reminded him of the Stink Horn, but it wasn't a stink horn and he didn't know what it was. You know, he is not very good at recognising and naming fungi, so we had better not send him shopping for mushrooms, you never know what he will come back with!

Not a Stink Horn.
We saw some fishermen digging again, you would have thought that they'd get fed up with all that digging and leave the worms alone.

Hello Worms!

I mean, if a worm was supposed to swim, they'd grow flippers like the ducks!

OTL found this concrete thingy and was taking pictures of the plant thing growing on it, he said it was called Lichen and it took a long time to grow and was very old 'cos it was big and round.

Holly had a sniff and then a lick and declared that it didn't taste nice and it didn't smell nice and she didn't Lichen it much!

We all laughed at that and kept joking about that all day!

We watched the F1 Qualifying and Hamilton was second and Button third. We shall be looking forward to watching the race tomorrow, Brmm Brmm!

Then we went for our second run down the Sea Wall and this time we chased along the beach, running on the old cockle shells and that really wears out your legs!

All this running around we have been doing today means we are tired little puppies but not too tired that we can't eat our dinner and mug OTL for some shortbread!

So off we go and are keeping fingers crossed for  better weather tomorrow 'cos we might go out bird watching with OTL!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly