Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Another Snoozy Sunny Day!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Last night, after six, Old Two Legs got a telephone call from a 'Witheld Number'. Now normally that means it is someone selling something or trying to get him to claim for injuries sustained in a car accident two years ago, never mind he didn't get hurt at all!

This time it wasn't any of the above, it was The Vet!

We were all in the office with OTL and the moment he said 'Hello Vet' we were all ears!

It seems that OTL has got a reputation down at the vets for ferret things! The visits are made to the vet with the ferrets in the travelling cage and OTL clutching a bottle of Ferretone!

The vet said that the bottle of stuff (Ferretone) OTL waves about makes the ferrets ignore what the vet is trying to do (Stab them with needles!) and concentrate of licking the Ferretone bottle lid.

He said that the ferrets were 'Very Well Behaved Ferrets' and he had someone who had just got a ferret that wouldn't let anyone near it without trying to sink it's fangs into their hand!

Of course, the ferrets were dancing around the cage singing out about how wonderful they were and it was 'Official' from The Vet!

Holly and I tried to ignore it and I said I would give him a nip Ferretone or no Ferretone!

This morning, as we were heading down to the beach, Holly and I were sniffing about looking for rabbits when OTL gives us the 'Look Over There' call and points up the hill. Holly does a quick look at OTL and thinks he is pointing up the other path and heads off that way. OTL was in fact pointing at a fox at the top of the hill who, on seeing us and OTL, decides that scarpering is the best idea he's had today, and immediately legs it back to the undergrowth where he normally hides!

Soppy Holly Strikes Again!
 Down on the beach, the tide had yet to come in, so, Holly and I played 'Chicken' on the beach. The game involves running towards each other at top speed and see who gets out of the way first!

I normally win 'cos right at the last moment I sort of 'Drift' to one side and Holly tries to correct the trajectory but ends up skidding across the beach!

I win! Your The Chicken!
 We both did that a few times but in the end we were both just too out of breath and too hot to play any more!

I've just Got to have a rest!
 Lunchtime it was The Missus who took us out and again we had all this 'Come Here' and 'Stop Sniffing That' and 'No, you Can't Roll in That'!

Boring or what!

OTL went off to the optician who checked OTL's eyes and announced that there was a cataract growing very nicely and it was a 'Boarderline Case' if he wanted to get the operation done now. OTL, being the wimp he is, said he would leave it for six months and see what happens.

Like it's going to get better!

Still, it could have been worse, it could have been macular degeneration like wot his father had!

So, OTL is back home and a Happy Bunny!

I wonder if he can do anything about the Doggy Scoff we got served with today?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.