Monday, 29 July 2013

OTL Tries To Fly Again and Mr Brambles Picks Up Speed!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you!

What a day! What a night!

Old Two Legs did it again, yep, he rolled over and fell out of bed! OK, so we know that The Missus does like a little more than her fair share of the bed and of course, Holly and I jump up for a cuddle before going to our own bed and we know that there is not always a lot of room left for OTL!

Just after midnight he was sleeping on his back, close to the edge of the bed, when he decided to roll over, the wrong way, and fell onto my bed!

Luckily I was still on his bed, thinking of moving back to my bed, but not yet!

Down he went with a 'Crash' and managed to hit the bedside cabinet on the way down!

Ouch! says OTL and a couple of other things I didn't really understand, but we gathered that he was in pain!

Holly and I jumped into 'Paramedic' mode and gave his head a good licking, to take the pain away, then we licked his ear to take the pain away from that and then we both licked his nose to stop him moaning!

Poor OTL, he thought that a King Size Bed would have been big enough for all of us!

Maybe he should start off by going to bed on our beds on the floor, while we sleep on his bed. At least he won't have far to fall!

We had a good look at his head in the morning and there is no bruising, just a sore red patch on his cheek where the bedside cabinet 'Kissed' him last night!

This morning, Mr Brambles came with us for our morning walk. Now, before, he had to be picked up a few times on his walk along the Sea Wall, although he did enjoy a good spell of 'Hole Digging' with us but today he proved that this walking thing with us is doing him some good.

Just after leaving the car park he asked to be put down and waddled his way along the path to the beach. OTL had to pick him up a couple of times 'cos he was insisting on running into the long grass and OTL wanted to catch Holly and I, as we were well ahead of him.
Just a Little Hole to start me off!
Mr Brambles really enjoyed that run and after a little dig on the beach, he was off again, along the Sea Wall back to the other beach where we normally dig BIG holes!

I think it is 'Right Hand Down a Bit' here!
He walked nearly all the way there and had a little 'Ferret Around' the rock pools and piles of Sea Weed.

Now you see me, an' now you don't!
For a little ferret that has spent a long time in a cage, he was doing very well and showing us that the runs out were improving his health and well being!
Hey! Do I look SUPER GOOD or Wot?
Holly on the other hand said she was feeling a bit warm after chasing Mr Brambles, so she sat down in a nice cooling puddle of mud and water!

Ooh! That's Better!
Back home to a chicken breakfast and a snooze!

That's the way to spend a hot day!

By the way, I've left the lead in some of the pictures, just to let Michael know what it looks like!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Looking Super Fit!)!