Thursday, 25 September 2014

An Adventure!

Hey Up Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here in rainy North Yorkshire!

Seems the weather up here can't make it's mind up what it wants to do, one moment it's raining and next the sun comes out!

Holly had some fun last night, she tried to pinch The Missus's dinner place but decided not to bother when she saw what TM was going to have for a sweet!

As Holly says, 'I don't do Oranges'!

How can you eat That?
We went out with Old Two Legs on an 'Explore' and started off going up the hill behind the camp site. Up the hill, which in places it was a 1:3 gradient, we found a car park and a path heading off to what is left of the Ironstone processing plant.

And when we got up there we saw........

Not much left now!

It was a bit of a wreck but we had a wander around and then went up the hill to the top where the view would be fantastic if it weren't for the howling wind that was blowing!

Windy Up Here!

We did see a load of Grouse tarting about and one flew over the top of us at a terrific speed!

Fast Flying Grouse
After that we headed off to look at the moors and OTL got fed up with other cars that came racing up and drove too close to his rear bumper! So, OTL, Being OTL, turned off onto what looked like a narrow country lane which started OK but quickly went downhill, in more ways than one!

First of all it changed into a dirt track with loads of mud and bumps and grass growing in the middle of the road. The Tarmac stuff had disappeared ages ago and as OTL said, it was 'Getting Fun'!

Fun it certainly was, Holly and I were woofing out of the window at the Pheasants that were everywhere and OTL was creeping down this track that was getting steeped and narrower the further we went down it!

Then we sort of ran out of road.

Well, to be exact, we ran into a river, a wide river, with a waterfall on the right hand side.

Deep and Dangerous Looking!
'Oooooo!' Says OTL, 'What do we do now girls?'

Holly says that we should have brought our water wings or better still a big boat!
OTL stopped the car and got out to have a look. He couldn't see the bottom of the river from where the car was so he went onto the foot bridge to see what he could see.


Not big ones but OTL reckons that we are going to have a go!

Off we went and OTL drove the car into the river and the front went down further into the river and then it went a bit further down and OTL could see the water climbing up the door on his side!

He 'Put His Foot Down' a bit more to create a 'Bow Wave' and carried on. The other bank was getting closer all the time and pretty soon the front of the car was coming out of the river and heading up the hill on the other side!

We did a big circle of the Moors where we were and headed back for another rampage over the hill where we saw the grouse.

We found some holes in the ground where OTL reckons the Bozo's stand with their big guns and shoot at the grouse! I mean, it's not as if the grouse were shooting at them!

I reckon the worse the grouse would do is a little poo on their Tweed Jackets!

Just fancy being dive bombed by a grouse!
We got back home and told TM all about our day. She had spent her day designing new processes to make for the cards, it involves cling film, grease, WD40 and a big hammer and Ferret Poo!

Now, hands up all those who want to attend the next 'Master Class'?

Ferret Poo provided, 'Free of Charge'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.