Thursday, 9 May 2013

Getting Ready to Swim!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

No rain today, so Snowflake was out with us this morning, ferreting along The Sea Wall and enjoying herself as we went hunting rabbit, again! One good thing about our walk is that Old Two Legs is getting a bit more trusting, providing he can see where we are, then he carries on walking Snowflake and puts her back in the car while he comes back for us!

Here be Rabbits!
Snowflake says she doesn't like drinking from our 'Traveling Water Bowl' 'cos she says she might fall in, so OTL poured out some water into the bottle cap and she had a drink from that!

Snowflake sorted!

At lunch time we were down there again and this time OTL brought the ball with him and I had a brilliant game of 'Chase', Holly decided to sit down and catch a couple of rays and top up her tan!

Come Here Ball!
With Holly spread out on the beach catching the rays I decided that it was time for some serious swimming, so, while OTL was looking for the lost ball, I went in for a paddle!

Me with my paws nearly off the ground!
We got dragged off the beach and sent back to wee'ing and sniffin and chasing rabbits!

Over the horizon we saw some woofers charging towards us, it was Max and Oscar and Bella.

Bella is a bit old and doesn't come out too often! Mind you, it didn't stop her from giving us a good woofin!

Bella doing a 'Serious Woof'!
Back home OTL was playing on the computer doing 'Things' so we left him alone and spent a pleasurable afternoon woofin at the pigeons and collard doves that dared to land in the garden!

Holly even spent some time relaxing by the pond!

Off for some diner now, well some of OTL's if we can mug some off him!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake