Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Great Escape!

Hi Fans!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret again!

Well, let's say, we have had better days! I mean, it has been raining on and off since last night which has mucked up our plans to go castle hunting!

We spent most of the morning cleaning cages or snoozing. Well, Old Two Legs did the cleaning and Holly and I did the snoozing!

Then it was time to head off to town to do some shopping and buy a tank full of diesel for the car and some bottles of giggle juice for The Missus and OTL!

While we sat waiting for OTL to finish filling the car, TM suddenly asked, 'OK, Who did that?'

Did wot?

Come on she says, who did it?


By then OTL had got back in the car and TM tells him that one of us had let one go and the car was smelling terrible!

Now, OTL's sniffer isn't up to much due to an accident he had with a garage door when he was two years old and unless it is a really powerful sniff, most sniffs just pass him by, including when TM goes on about 'Someone' letting one off!

Now, so as not to upset TM he looks at us both and says, 'OK, Paws Up, who did it?'

Neither Holly or I put our paws up, so, according to our reckoning, there is only one left in the car who it could be!

Say no more!

Back home in the caravan we all settled down to some lunch followed by a snooze and a read of a book and another snooze until it was time to bring the ferrets in from the awning. They have great fun watching the two legs go by and enjoy a sniff of the wild things in the hedgerows!

Now, late this afternoon the rain stopped and Holly and I got another walk in the field where we chased a pheasant or two, however, because we were both on our lead, we had no chance of grabbing one. That means they were laughing their tail feathers off and scuttling off a few yards ahead of us!

Back in the caravan, OTL was answering some emails from customers and I was resting on some cushions by an open window.

As I was sort of half asleep, I half noticed one of these stupid birds walk past the front of the caravan.

That was it, I was out of the window and steaming down the hill after this miniature turkey!

Funny thing was, OTL or TM didn't know I had gone!

It couldn't last forever and OTL says to TM, 'Where's Daisy?'

Dunno, came the answer and after a quick check around the caravan, OTL sets off down the camp site checking the other caravans and awnings for a small, perfectly formed woofer with naughtiness on her mind!

It took a good while before TM found me, sitting by the gate waiting to be let back into the caravan site from the field we normally walk around!

I mean, if it were me, that would have been the first place I would have looked!

So, that's it, I'm back, in trouble and on top of that, OTL has shut the window!

Tomorrow it's That Castle!


Bye bye for now.


Daisy Houdini, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret