Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday and it's getting closer!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back again!

We are getting all excited about going away. Holly keeps watching the TV Weather reports and reckons that we may just about escape the rain that is running about the country!

It was a bit chilly when we went out this morning and Snowflake stayed in Old Two Legs hand, all curled up and refused to come out until we reached the midway point!

Then she was tearing along with us and shoving us out of the way!

Back home it was Chicken and Biscuits and off to OTL's office for a snooze while he packs up his camera stuff. Snowflake says she is looking forward to her visit to the Pet Hotel. She says that it is sort of like a Health Spar for small animals, like wot she is and us doggies are too big to stay there!

She will be taking half of her 'Snowy Heights' house, which Holly says should be called 'Snowy Bungalow!

Mind you, she says that she will be happy when we come back and we are all together again!

Lunchtime down on The Sea Wall, it was trying very hard to rain and the clouds were getting darker as we went around.

We spotted three Thames Sailing Barges heading up the River Medway on the incoming tide! I don't think they were racing but they did look good with the wind blowing the sails!

The Leading Barge
A bit further back was the second barge.

Then there was Number Two!
A bit further back we saw the third barge being buzzed by a speed boat!

Noisy Little Boat!

We left them to get on with it and went back to our sniffin!

Well, when we got down to the Rabbit Hunting Ground, Holly says that she could see loads of rabbit and off she went! As hard as I looked, I couldn't see any, thanks Holly's racing charge down the hill!

No Chance Porky!
 I Stopped, Looked and Listened and..........!

 Well, that was it, back home to more packing up and Holly enjoyed a snooze on the sofa while I went up to the office for a quiet snooze, well it would be is Snowflake stopped snoring!

Tomorrow we will drop into the 'Master Class' that The Missus runs 'cos we hope that Archie's Mum will be there and Snowflake says she will give Archie a lick if he's there as well!

Then after that, it is off the the Pet Hotel with Snowflake and make sure she is settled before back home to finish packing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake