Tuesday, 11 October 2016

We are Here!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret are on holiday!

Wot a time we have had!

First it was me and my ear, which bye the way, is feeling better. Old Two Legs puts it down to the Steroids the vet has given me to take that has taken away the red colour on the inside of my ear and it doesn't hurt and I've even let OTL have a look inside my ear.

He couldn't see anything amiss!

Well, that took care of Sunday and on Monday OTL was on the phone to his dentist and got an appointment for 11:45hr, the earliest he could manage even though he said he was in screaming agony and his head was about to fall off!

Well, they patched his tooth and gave him some antibiotic tablets in case it went skeptik like wot it did last time!

Then they gave him the bill!

It was touch and go if we could afford a holiday after all that lot!

So, about half one we set off for the wilds of Yorkshire!

The first thing to happen was the Articulated Truck got lost somewhere around Welwyn Garden City and hasn't been seen since!

The Missus is going a little berserk screaming and howling down the phone to the contractors but even they don't know where the truck is!

Holly says that there is a Black Hole in the Hatfield area and the truck might have been transported anywhere in the universe or even Blackpool!

The rain started to pour down as we got further up the A1M and at times we could hardly see the road in front of us!

Then, as we got into Harrogate we came across a sign that told us the road ahead was closed to everyone except 'Local Traffic'!

Now, normally that it no problem 'cos OTL would just zoom off to the left and get around the holdup.

Not this time!

The roads were narrow and OTL is pulling a whacking great caravan behind the big car!

It was, as OTL says, HAIRY!

Finally we managed to get the Sat Nav to put us back on the right road and we passed the old Bolton Abbey which was really just a big pile of bricks!

It won't be long we cheered and whipped around a corner to find this stone arch someone had left in the middle of the road!

We all closed our eyes and put our paws over our noses, except for OTL!

We just managed to get through!

Talk about a tight squeeze!

So, at six thirty we got into the caravan site and it was dark, like very dim silly lights on boxes to show you where the 'Mains Connection' is!

OTL managed to get the caravan parked in the 'Pitch' but he was not quite lined up with the 'White Marker'.

Now this is something the Caravan Club Wardens are very strict about. Your caravan MUST be lined up with the marker post and the car MUST be on the left and the awning is on the right.

OTL was a little tired, the rain was making everything wet and OTL was getting a little short on good humour!

He planted the caravan, got out and went to the back where the 'White Marker' was sitting, looking all smug and saying something like 'Your not Exactly In Line'!

OTL grabbed the marker, gave it a good yank and out it came from the soggy ground.

Then OTL took one step to his right and plunged the marker back into the soggy earth.

OTL was In Line!

In the caravan TM was firing up all the stuff like lights, cooker, heating and hot water, only the hot water wouldn't work.

Well, it wouldn't work on electricity, only gas.

OTL did some fiddling with the electrics and wanted to test it using his Multi Meter but the Multi Meter wouldn't work 'cos the battery had run out!

Ho! Bug IT! Says OTL who didn't have a battery to save his name!

So, it was all down to logic now.

We knew the heater was working and so we swapped the fuse over from the heater to the hot water system.

While we were waiting for the water to heat up OTL went off to complete the filling of the water tank.

It was then that TM knocked on the window and said that the heating wasn't working now!

Ho! StuFF and Bug IT says OTL!

Now this is where all those wasted hours of playing 'Mine Sweeper' came into action.


So, if the heating has stopped when the fuses were switched over to see if the water heater would work and the heating system stopped when the fuses were switched, it must be that the fuse is stuffed!

Swap fuses back and the heater starts working!

Inspect fuse to find water heater is just a 5amp fuse where the heating fuse is 10amp, solution, stick new 10amp fuse in water heating system!

We don't have a fuse!

OH! StuFF and Bug IT says OTL!

So, this afternoon we head into town and purchased two packs of fuses!

We now have hot water, heating that runs on electricity, spare fuses for any future problems!

The only thing we need is a new battery for the Multi Meter!

We'll get that tomorrow if we go into town!

So. there you are, we had problems but managed to get around them in the end!

OTL says he is going to have some shortbread tonight to smooth his heated brow!

Yeah, and something to wash it down with?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!