Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A No Day!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back to see you again!

Now don't think we are being naughty for laughing but this morning, Old Two Legs and Snowflake were having their normal game in the office while Holly and I were having our 'After Get Up Snooze' on the bed.

Snowflake had got up on the desk top and was doing her 'Ferreting Around' thing, checking on all the stuff that's up there.

She found a hole big enough to get her head and shoulders into and was looking down through the hole expecting some rats or rabbits to be down there!

There wasn't.

There was however, OTL's fingers, playing at being a tease and looking to tap Snowflake on the nose!

OTL couldn't see his fingers or Snowflakes nose, so it was all done by touch.

Snowflake could see OTL's fingers.

Right in front of her nose.

Very close to her nose.

So, she nipped OTL's finger!

That'll teach him!

We went down to The Sea Wall, looking for the sun shine but there was No sun, just a bright light above the clouds.

No Sun!
We spotted some Brent Geese having a paddle in the mud, looking for some breakfast.

No Breakfast!
 Mr & Mrs Corvid were strolling along the beach looking for tasty bits of shellfish!

No Whelks Today!
 It looked like they were not having much success!

No Cockles either!

Holly and I had a good game of 'Get The Ball', that's where OTL throws the ball and we try to hang onto it while OTL and the other doggy tries to get the ball away!

No ball for Daisy!

 Even OTL joins in and we have him running around the beach chasing us both!

Now OTL is not that fast on his paws you know, he sort of rolls along trying to look all fit and healthy but he doesn't stand a chance next to us!

That's 'cos we are super fit, well I am, you know I can even fly when the mood takes me!

A Super Fast Flying Daisy!
We had a phone call from the car menders, they had got the car done and it was ready to be collected. Off we went and after collecting it went off for another run, but this time after rabbits. Not that we didn't see any, it was just that we didn't catch any!

No Rabbits!

Oh! The shame of it all.

Us Super Fast Fit Flying FuzzBalls of Fur still failed to get a bunny!

In the end we decided to cut our losses and go back home for a snooze in the office. Well that was the idea, until Snowflake started to rattle on the door of Snowy Heights and wake us up.

No peace for us puppies today!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake