Friday, 16 December 2011

Yahoo! The Snow Fairy has returned!

Ho, ho, ho, Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Guess what? We were out this morning with Old Two Legs and as we dashed out of the car at the Sea Wall we saw the Snow Fairy! It was wonderful, big flakes of snow flying on the wind and some even landed on my nose!

We rushed around to the rabbit holes and shouted that the Snow Fairy was here but none of the rabbits came out to see, I suppose they were still in bed!

Mixed in with the snow were some rain drops and they were cold! Like, very cold!

We had a run on the beach but decided it was too windy and cold to have our normal long walk, so we cut across the field and back towards the car. OTL put the heater on as soon as we got back in the car and we also had a rub down with the doggy towel!

I must admit, I was having a little shiver on the way back, so, for our lunch time walk I got OTL to dig out our Doggy Coats. They at least keep the worse off our backs  and we look dead smart in them!

Lambs Heart for breakfast and then off to the office to wait for OTL to return from having new tyres fitted to the car. You know, he sneaked back in and got up to the top of the stairs before we heard him. Sneaky OTL!

The morning was spent having our 'After breakfast snoozette' and Holly was cuddled up with her 'Baby Puppy'.

Holly & Puppy!

She really is a big softy!

Lunch time came and OTL took us out again, but this time we were in our winter coats! 

We both looked dead smart!

The only trouble was, no snow!

Not to worry, OTL took them off and we had a good run around!

We saw a big flock of some sort of birds flying around, they looked super as they flew around and without bumping into each other as well! Holly and I can't do that!

Loads of Birdies!
The Missus went out Baby Sitting this afternoon, just before OTL's laptop computer went all wobbly on him. As it is to do with his work, he had to order another one from the Computer Shop, poor OTL, we do hate when he has to hand over his credit card number, he gets all upset and cries a lot!

It didn't stop him from giving us Lambs Heart for dinner tonight and a little shortbread when he had a 'slurp' later on, just to help him get over the paying out for the new laptop!

Off to bed now as we have loads of stuff to do tomorrow and if it's not too cold, we may go chasing the Great White Egret of Oare Marshes!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly