Sunday, 5 February 2012

She's Here!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & The Snow Fairy here!

Finally she has arrived, she crept up here during the night, well when we went to bed she hadn't arrived  but this morning WOW! She has covered everything!

We went for a run over The Farm 'cos Old Two Legs decided it was not worth getting the big car out on slippery roads just so we can have a wee!

We didn't care and after putting on our coats we were off!

Running along the road was great, jumping over the snow, it was so deep, it came up to our tummy's!

Nearly up to our tummy's!
We said hello to the man from the village shop, he said it was a bit too cold for him!

Too Cold!
Up at the Field, OTL let us off the lead and we ran................all over the field!

There were sniffs from passing foxes and other dogs who had come out for a walk earlier.

OTL sneaked off while we were sniffing, then he called us and ran off, so we both chased after him and caught him in no time, you see, he can't run quickly on the snow, not like us!

Caught You!
In the distance there was one of these Serious Runners, you know, headband, Lycra trousers and running shoes!

As she passed we shouted 'Hello' but we know that to her it sounded like 'Woof'!

Serious Runner!
Holly was charging ahead when she suddenly stopped and started woofing, me being big and brave, hung back and did my Meerkat stance and saw that it was nothing but a black plastic bag caught on the fence!

Wot a big Scary Dog she is!

When we got back home we had great big lumps of snow hanging onto our fur, so, OTL and The Missus washed us down with warm water to get rid of the lumps. It was soon all off and we were soon dried and brushed!

OTL brushed the snow off the bird food and refilled the bird feeders and was treated to a Robin and a Blackbird landing on the feeders while he was working on them!

Finished Yet?
The Robin was even braver, It just hopped onto the feeder and started eating!

Thanks for the food, now clear off!
OTL got the message and left them to it, he went out the front and took a picture of one of the trees with the snow on the branches!

One of our trees!
So now we have a picture of our tree and the Snow Fairy!

Well, that's all for today, we have been so busy, even at lunch time it was more snow and warm water to get the snow balls off our legs!

We're looking forward to a run tomorrow along the Sea Wall, just to see what the Snow Fairy has done down there!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Snow Queens)