Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hunting Bunnies on the Hills

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again!

We were out smarted by Old Two Legs last night, you see, we normally like to go to bed with our chews. We get in our beds and tuck the chew under our chin or tucked into our tummy so it is safe all night.

Then, about midnight, one of us will get up for a stretch or a wander around the house, just to check that all is safe and sound.

When we get back we find that our chew has gone! Then the fight starts, it normally starts with Holly or me woofing and growling, then The Missus starts to growl and then OTL does his 'Get back to bed' type of woof and we all settle down for a couple of hours, then it starts all over again!

Last night OTL pinched both of our chews and put them on top of the chest of drawers where we could see them but not get to them! Drat! Double Drat and Bother!

We made up for it this morning and jumped up and gave them both the old 'Wet Nose in the Ear' trick, that got them awake!

OTL took us out for our midday run and we went back to the Sand Hills, this time we were playing pirates and castles again but this time we were the pirates! We reckoned it would be dead easy capturing the castle 'cos OTL couldn't climb up the Hill to defend the castle!

OTL says he has 'Friends' and told us of the 'Monster Bunny' who put the Sand Hills there in the first place and how he would eat us for lunch!

Monster Bunny?
Holly and me had a chat, first of all we blew raspberries at the Bunny and when that didn't work we threatened to get our mate Mad Max to come and sort him out 'cos Max don't take prisoners and is known for losing his patience if he don't get his own way, especially where rabbits are concerned!

No Bunnies Here!
 After a bit the bunny dropped down the other side of the hill and disappeared down his hole! Just to make sure, I sent Holly up to check!

No Bunnies Here!
We had a sniff along the beach but there was no sign of the rabbit, so we reckon he has left the beach to us!

Bunny Gone!
We went along the Sea Wall and saw the most ginormous Container Ship leaving the docks, Holly said it was full of tins of chicken and was going to be delivered to Felixstowe Docks!

Chicken of the move!
Later we met up with a young lad, he told us he was 'Going to get Done on Friday' and that he didn't know what it was but he was looking forward to an adventure.

I told him to be careful 'cos he may end up with a sore bit and be very unhappy for a week or so!

If the vet says cough, DON'T! Just sit down and smile!

He said we didn't know what we were talking about and I told him of my time with a sore tummy. That made him think but we still think he didn't believe us.

But he will, oh yes, he will!

Be warned Max, if ever they start talking about getting you 'done', leave the cushion alone for a while and just sit there and smile at them.

It'll confuse the hell out of them!

OK, we're off to bed now, OTL has taken our chews away and put them on the desk in the office, so that has blown our fun for the night, just wait until the morning, a cold wet nose is heading his way!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly