Saturday, 27 December 2014

It's Snowflakes Official Birthday and OTL Has a Day on His Own, Almost!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Down on the beach we spotted a couple of Wormy Men and one Lonely Curlew!

Spot the Curlew?
 Holly and I enjoyed the Early Morning Sniffs. The only real problem was the howling wind that caused what Old Two Legs called 'Wind Chill'!

We don't know what the temperature was but as Holly said, 'It's Woofin Cold'!

Early Morning Sniffs
 Miss Snowflake  was emptied out of the Ferret Bag and she raced across the rocks to her favourite rock!

On A Mission!
Back home The Missus was getting ready for The Cat Woman to arrive and play at making a mess with paper and inks!

It looks like we will be spending all day up on the bed!

OTL and Ian decided that it may be a good idea to escape to a local Bird Wildlife Reserve and sit in a shed watching for birds.

Well, what ever turns you on!

Holly and I decided that there was no way OTL was going to leave us at home with TM and The Cat Woman, I mean, we may get covered in glitter and Peel Offs!

We rushed to the car as soon as the door was opened and that was it, we were going bird watching!

We got to a place that was called Cliffe Pools but was really a load of used gravel pits. Off we went walking around one of the pools.

More Pools on the Path!
 It was muddy and a bit chilly 'cos the wind was blowing in off the marshland and the puddles were deep and muddy as well!

We did see a rabbit and dived after it but as OTL had us on the lead, we didn't get the chance to catch it.

Still, there is always next time!

Come on Bunny Wunny, come to Woofers!
 The was one place that we stopped to look at a bird, well OTL did and we just saw a ship go past behind the bushes, strange or wot!

Funny place for a ship!
 In the end we did a big figure of eight around all the pools and Holly reckons it must be about five miles in total. I know I was getting tired towards the end and OTL had to carry me on his shoulders for a bit, just like he did when I was a puppy, so I can have a rest!

Gawd! Will it never end?
 Holly was OK, she said that she needed the exercise to help loose a few kilos!

When we finally got back home, OTL gave us both a wash down on our legs and tummy to get rid of all the mud and also help relax our leg muscles!

I must admit, Holly and I fell asleep and we only woke up at nine thirty 'cos OTL was asking us if we wanted a wee before going to bed!

That's another good reason why we are so late getting the blog up and running!

By the way, it was two years ago today that Miss Snowflake wandered into our back garden to start her life of luxury! 

We don't know her real date of birth but her previous owner said she was two years old, so now, she is four years old and just like the Queen, she has her own birthday and the birthday of when we found her.

She reckons that she prefers living with us and at least she doesn't get any more ticks! (OTL took seventy four off her when she first arrived!)

We all sang 'Happy Birthday' to her and even Mr Brambles joined in!

So, we are all so tired, it's off to bed for us Woofers.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.