Thursday, 26 May 2011

A day without Old Two Legs

Hi Fans!

D&H back again.

A big WOOF to Jasper and Jacki.

Jasper has not been too well, got a sore ear and had to visit the vet, a scary place that is!

Seems the drops for his ear has changed him a little, he now thinks he's a cat, we know this 'cos he ate the cat food AND even ripped open his own food packets.

Holly reckons he'll be OK after his ear clears up, especially if he gets enough food, but if he starts to lick his bottom and wash behind his ears, then he'll have to be taken to the vets again!

We have been lazy puppies today, OTL had to go out to work and we could not go with him, he said it would be too hot in the car and we would not be able to run around.

So we had to stay with The Missus.

Holly and I were in the garden for most of the time, catching up on our sun tan. Holly reckons it will be better after we've had our hair cut and for once I agree with her!

A good head of fur is OK when the wind blows or it gets cold but on a hot sunny day we could do with a little less!

We are going to get OTL to book us in for another trim just before we go away on summer holiday, well, we have got to look our best for the hols!

This evening we had chicken and now we both have got very full tummies, in fact it is a real effort to get off the bed where we are resting while writing this blog!

Tomorrow we may get to go down to the farm again, providing OTL has done his work and has stuff for the carriers.

So,with a bit of luck we should have some photos for you!

Get well soon Jasper!

Bye for now,


Daisy & Holly (Full Tummy)!