Tuesday, 24 April 2012

No Cuckoos Today!

HI HO Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

This morning we couldn't wait to get down to the Sea Wall to hear the Cuckoo again but when we got there, he had gone!

Is That a Cuckoo?
We ran up and down the path going 'Cook-Koo, Cook-Koo' but nothing happened.

Cook Woofin Koo!
Old Two Legs said it possibly had gone to Northwood Hill (RSPB) place or even The Forest.

So, we have decided that at lunch time OTL and us are off to the woods!

Breakfast was a little uninspiring today, Doggy Scoff, I don't know why The Missus gives it to us, we only eat it if we are starving and on our last legs!

So, as a protest, we decided to stay on the sofa while TM does her cards and we give her the 'Hairy Eyeball' and do deep sighs and every so often, a small hungry whine.

That was useless, she is a hard hearted Missus sometimes, no Lambs Liver, no Lambs Heart, No Chicken, no Minced Lamb, oh dear, I think we are going to starve to death tonight!

OTL took pity on us and we got three runs out today, twice to The Sea Wall and once down to The Farm, where we haven't been for ages!

We investigated all the fox holes and the rabbit holes and Holly saw a fox across the field and went racing across to sort it out but the fence was in the way, so all we could do was woof at the fox!

Foxy's Gone!
We took the long route and must have covered at least three miles, but as the sun was out and the rain had gone away, it was great fun!

OTL took some pictures of the Bluebells, again, you'd think by now he had got enough pictures!

Funny Daffodils!
One of the good things about The Farm is we can run off into the woods and we always know where we are and how to catch up OTL as he staggers up the hills!

It's a Long Way Back to The Car!
Some times we hide and wait until he has blown that whistle inside out before we jump out of the trees and rush past him!

You Calling Me????
As we got closer to the car we came across a field of grass that they sometimes graze sheep on but today it looked a bit 'Wobbly'

OTL says that they had a wonky wheel on the lawn mower but Holly says it was done by a 'Wonky Farmer' who's wheel fell off ages ago!

Wobbly or Wonky?
Back home we found that the Doggy Scoff was still in our bowls and it still didn't look edible!

Maybe tonight we will have to do some serious mugging of OTL, he has got curry tonight so I think we got a fight on our paws 'cos he does like his curry!

Bye bye for now and let's hope the sun keeps shining tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly