Friday, 20 March 2015

The Eclipse and OTL's not a Happy Puppy!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Have we had some fun today!

It started with Old Two Legs walking into the Clothes Horse Thingy, early this morning, in the dark and bashing his toe!

Oh Golly Gosh he said, in another language!

Then, when he went down stairs to get a bowl of Rabbit Food and some milk for the ferrets only to find there was no Rabbit Food, only a Bowl of Shredded Cardboard!

That went back into the box and he decided to suffer with a glass of orange juice and a cup of tea.

So, with that and the Ferret milk on a tray he headed for the office to Breakfast with The Ferrets as he does every morning.

At the top of the stairs he bashed his toe again which sent the orange juice flying off the tray and down the wall!

Oh Double Golly Gosh quoth OTL in that foreign language he reserves for such occasions!

That was it, the tea went down at lightening speed and we headed off to The Beach with the ferrets!

We were expecting a quiet walk but when we got there the car park was full of cars and down on The Sea Wall, someone had put up a tent thingy and there were a few Two Legs setting up their telescope to watch the eclipse.

Wot way is the sun?
 OTL told us what the eclipse was, so we left them to get on with it 'cos the ferrets wanted a wee!

Both of them were hanging out of the bag and asking................

Are we there.......................
Pretty soon they were out of the bag and tearing around over the sea weed and of course, they just had to fall in the water!

Yuk! That was Wet!
 Mind you, they both had fun 'Hunting Monsters!' and Mr Brambles fell in the water as well!

I got a wet and soggy paw!
 We stopped off at the tent on the way back 'cos Holly could sniff bacon sarnies!

OK, who's got the Bacon Sarnies?
The greedy Herbert's had finished off all the sarnies by the time we got there, so, no strokes for them!

Back home the ferrets were having fun rampaging around the house and Brambles spent some time watching out of the bedroom window, but that was after he had spent time eating our biscuits!

You can't beat a good roll on the carpet!
OTL has spent today working so we have had to look after ourselves. Holly went looking at the frog spawn again and I did some reading about Tadpoles. You know they live off the fat in their tails?

I reckon Holly could live for weeks on her tail!

Lunchtime we were down the beach again and when we got down there, the people with the telescopes had all gone home. Now I'm not surprised 'cos we were looking out for the eclipse as well but it got so dark we couldn't see a thing!

Still can't see the sun!
Holly said that she was going to try flying again and set off down the beach at a terrific pace. You know, it was just enough to get her airborne but her ears couldn't provide the lift to get her right up off the ground, still she had a go!

 I spotted a large plank of wood in the sea and asked OTL if we could take it home so we can make a surf board .

He said it wouldn't fit in the small car so we are leaving it until tomorrow and OTL says he will bring the wood saw to cut it to length!

Yeah! Ride the Waves with this!
Back home Holly and I crept back under OTL's Work Station and fell asleep while OTL finished off him 'Manufacturing'!

There is nothing better than a good snooze!
Still, the weekend is here and it's the First Day of Spring, now that can't be all bad!

See you tomorrow and it's England v France!

Bye bye.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.