Thursday, 26 November 2015

We see Dave Again, And Again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

Loads of running around today. We started off with our walk down on the beach. Miss April is getting all very crafty, as soon as Old Two Legs gets her out of the bag, she crouches down and refuses to move, that is until OTL walks back and gets near enough to her that she thinks she has a chance of climbing up his leg. So, she rushes forward but OTL steps away and she then chases him for a few steps before  she crouches down again!

This carries on for a little while and sometimes OTL picks her up and she snuggles back into the bag but towards the end of the walk, she is running with Miss May back to the car. OTL can keep his legs!

So, one way or another, she gets some exercise and her claws get worn just a little on the concrete. You know, April and May haven't had their claws trimmed since they have been with us and that was the beginning of August!

Holly and I get our claws trimmed every time we have a Shampoo and Set, like wot we are having tomorrow!

Come on Ferrets!
Down on the beach we met up with young Dave. Now he doesn't have a mate to play with at home, so he gets all excited when he spots us and just can't keep still!

Come on! Let's Play!
We had a game of 'Chase' with him before he got called away. I just had to play a trick on him, you see Dave just believes everything Holly and I tell him, so, when he stopped for a wee, I told him.........

Here! I can see out your nose from here!
That was it, he said he would get to the vet to check it out as he was sure that was not supposed to happen!

We had great trouble keeping a straight face!

Back home OTL was having trouble with Nipper, he has been bashing away at his cage and is bending the bars. OTL reckons that he may install electrified bars to stop him from doing any more damage! I think that OTL will be pleased when Archie Babe or his Two Legs comes to collect him. It won't be as noisy at night either!

Fred & Wilma went off with OTL to the vet to get stabbed with a needle that will stop them getting Canine Distemper. OTL reckons it will be safe to take them out walking with us in about a week.

The vet was new and didn't know a lot about Ferrets, never heard of Ferretone and had only got near to a ferret when it was under anaesthetic!

It's a good job OTL has some knowledge on ferrets! You know he had to tell the vet to inject into the scruff of the neck and the vet was surprised just how tough the skin was! She had to give the needle a good shove to get it in Fred!

He didn't care, he was too busy slurping Ferretone!

OTL still left the vet's in tears, his wallet took a bashing!

Back home they came and by the time all the cages were cleaned, it was walkies time again and you'll never guess who we met!

It's Dave Again!
Dave had reported back to his TL about me being able to see from his tail all the way up to his nose. His TL said that I was pulling his tail and I was a Naughty Puppy and he shouldn't listen to us!

Us? Naughty? Never!

I went for a splash in the sea 'cos the tide was right in but there were no waves at all, dead flat!

Having a splash!
When we got to the beach, Holly pointed out that the 'Half Boat' had disappeared!

OTL reckons it is hiding! We shall see tomorrow morning when the tide is out!

Now, these Ferrets, OTL was having a chat with Rachel who owns a load of ferrets and was winning all the prizes at the Ferret Show. Her ferrets looked wonderful, bright eyes, super smooth coats. 'What's The Secret?' he says thinking that he has a year to get May, April, Fred & Wilma in tip top condition.

'Raw Meat' was the answer. Ferrets naturally will eat raw meat, no biscuits or any other stuff, just skin, flesh, bone, feathers and fur!

OTL is going to try to get Fred & Wilma to eat raw meat.

We have presented them with two small stainless steel bowls with two large spoon full of beef mince.

Fred had a sniff, tasted a bit, then went off to get a drink.

Wilma shoved her snout into the bowl, took a big mouthful and ran off to hide it behind their bed! Then she came tearing back, grabbed another mouth full and stashed it behind the bed again! And so on it went until the bowl was empty and their were chomping sounds coming from behind the bed!

OTL says that he will wait until tomorrow when he cleans the cage out to see if it is eaten or left as a stash!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.