Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chilly Day!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again.

We didn't wake up too early this morning, it was the late night we had last night , partying the night away with Old Two Legs, celebrating his birthday. Super fun, Holly sang a song about chickens escaping from the farm and The Missus told us a story about the time she got stuck in the ladies. OTL had his whisky out and the shortbread went down a treat as well!

So it was a late night and a late morning, in fact Holly didn't want to get up at all!

Holly really doesn't do mornings and even had a little grumble when OTL told her to get off the bed and go down stairs and put her coat on!

Hey! The day after the haircut is the day we really appreciate those coats and not only were we warm, we looked good as well!

Me, Warm and looking Good!
Holly said we should have a fashion show with these coats and then pretended to walk down the 'Cat Walk' wiggling her tail just like a real model.

Holly on the 'Cat Walk'
I said she looked more like duck on the Board Walk!

That's when the fight started!

It didn't last long 'cos we saw the Wormy Man heading out to find the worms and he was racing out there 'cos another Wormy Man was heading towards his spot!

The Wormy Races!
We left them to it and saw young Barney in the distance, he was bounding all over the place chasing his 'Ball on a Rope'. He just loves that and when he gets going, he gives it a good shake and almost knocks himself out!

When he got to us, we said he looked real smart in his winter coat and what did he think of ours? He said he could really do with one that was fleece lined, just like ours because his one scratched his back sometimes!

Barney & Holly
We all had a chase around and before long we had got back to the car and started off for home.

Breakfast was Beef and Biscuits, well, TM makes up a large batch of curry for OTL and freezes meal size portions, but, she always has some left over and cooks it for us!

We had a snooze in OTL's office and woke up just in time to go for our lunch time run! This time it was the New Park, 'cos OTL had to deliver some stuff.

A good run around, with our coats on of course, OTL was waving the camera about and took a shot of me looking 'Cool'

Me, looking 'Cool'
Of course we stopped by the Not Not's to say hello but as normal, they only looked at us and whistled then stamped their feet at us! Oooo! So Scary!

Not Not Neddy's being 'Scary'!
The best bit of the walk was when we met up with a Wire Haired Fox Terrier! OTL said that we should remember that our Mum is a Wire Haired Fox Terrier. So, we both said hello and Holly said she was nearly as tall as him and she said he was a handsome example and he said that Holly was a 'Sweety' and gave her a kiss on the nose!

Holly gets kissed!
Holly went all sloppy and said she was not going to wash her nose for a week!

Back home to a snooze before the serious business of mugging OTL for some of his curry. We are not bothering to mug TM 'cos she has decided to go on a slimming course and her food tastes horrid and there is not much of it any way!

I said that Holly should go on a diet as well 'cos her back end was getting too big and that's when the fight started, again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (with the Kissed Nose!)