Friday, 14 October 2016

We are still here!

Yo Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Sorry about yesterday, blame The Missus for that!

She went to a 'Double Crop', that is, one session in the morning and another session in the afternoon!

We were then ushered away and told to 'come back at four thirty'!

So, that's what we did, Old Two Legs, the ferrets, Holly and I went off exploring the area.

We went over the moors and down to Hebden Bridge, then through Denholme and onto Keighley. The towns were a bit boring but on the moors it was, um, 'Bleak' and especially when it rained, which it did for most of the day!

There was one spot we stopped at and OTL got us dressed up in our harnesses for a run and as soon as we got out the door, the rain started!

It was like that for most of the time!

We stopped at Lund's Tower and had a quick run around but it didn't last long 'cos the rain came back again!

We stopped at a roadside cafe and OTL ordered up a cup of tea for him and a sausage roll, then he ordered up two sausages for us woofers!

They didn't last long, so we started to mug OTL for his sausage roll but he had been crafty, he had sloshed a load of mustard all over the sausages!

Holly and I don't do mustard so he got to eat his sausage roll all on his own!

At four thirty we picked TM up and headed back to the caravan. The journey takes a whole hour so it was going to be late by the time we got back, TM suggested we get a 'Chinese Takeaway' instead of cooking a meal.

Sounded OK to us!

We got left in the caravan while they went off to get the meal.

On the way into town OTL had to past a tractor coming in the opposite direction and like a good driver he is, he pulled over to the side to allow the tractor and the hay baler it was towing get past.

It was at that point OTL managed to scrape the car against the stone wall that had been there for over two hundred years!

The bad news is that OTL will have to get the rear door mended and resprayed but the good news is that the wall wasn't damaged at all!

The Chinese Meal was super, King Prawns and Chow Mein and loads of Plawn Clackers!

Holly made a pig of herself and so did I!

We slept well last night!

We got woken up during the night with all that rain beating down on the roof but we soon went to sleep again!

Today we are having what TM calls a 'Lazy Day' which means OTL has to drag us Woofers out for a long walk down by the river while she does some 'Creative Crafting'!

We were only allowed back in if it was raining!

We had a wander along side the river and OTL saw a bird called a 'Dipper'. Now he has never seen one in 'Real Life' and has been looking for years!

He saw one the other day but didn't have his camera with him so he couldn't count that one but today.....................

A DIPPER!!!!!!!!!
 Mind you, the first shot wasn't the best of pictures!

A Fast Flying Dipper!
 The path was up and down like we remembered it and OTL was puffing and blowing but us woofers have what we call Four X Paw drive, so hills aren't too much trouble!

4 X Paw Drive here!
We had to stop every so often for OTL to wave the camera about at some trees and water but as there were loads of sniffs around we didn't mind him going click, click!

Wot? No Dipper?
 Mind you, we did see a family of Mandarin Ducks on the other side of the river!

A Chinese Takeaway Duck?
 We did think about chasing them but Holly pointed out that the river was not only very wet but cold and fast!

Is there a bridge nearby?
 In the end we decided to leave them for today and stick to Plawn Clackers and Peking Duck!

Another view of no Dippers!
 Right, we are off to do some late shopping, TM wants some sugar and OTL wants a woolly hat!

What ever turns you on!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!