Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A Sunny Day in North Kent!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy and Holly here!

What a super sunny day! This is how May should be, sunshine, balmy breezes and loads of rabbits!

We were having a great time on The Sea Wall, loads of sniffs!

Even Old Two Legs was having fun photographing the local bird life!

A male Chaffinch showing its colours!
The Chaffinch looked good with all is colours showing. The Meadow Pipit was singing its head off!

A Happy Meadow Pipit!
Holly was almost in luck, she sneaked down the side of the path and at the last moment rushed down towards the bushes.

Nearly, very nearly!
The afternoon was spent watching OTL working in the garden, digging The Hole!

Poor OTL, his back is hurting, his head is aching and the hole is getting deeper but so slowly!

Getting deeper and bigger!
At least the washing line has been dug up, that is now resting beside the house and OTL is going deeper.

He says that the hole has to be in excess of one metre deep so that the winter time doesn't freeze the water all the way to the bottom. That way, anything that is over wintering in the pond won't get frozen!

All we got to worry about is falling in and getting a bath!

See you tomorrow Woofers!


Daisy & Holly