Monday, 6 February 2012

Frozen Wormy Man!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

This morning we were down the Sea Wall, all very snowy and calm!

I was running and jumping in and out and all over the snow.

Me jumping!
Holly on the other hand was trying to fly again, without much success. I told her the runways were too snowy for a take off!

I've got snow on my undercarriage!
We got just around the corner when we saw one of the Wormy Men who had been waiting for the tide to go out, poor lad, he must have forgot to drink his Bovril!

Frozen Wormy Man!
Old Two Legs was laughing at us for thinking it was real, he said that you can make things like that with the snow, even doggies like us, but not moving!

I'll make a Big Dog!
Holly tried to make a snow dog but she got fed up with digging and then trying to pat the snow into shape 'cos it kept sticking to her paws!

Just about then Tess came bounding over the hill and made a big fuss of OTL and told us all about the Snow Fairy and wasn't it great and she hope it will stay forever and didn't it tickle your nose when you sniff it in!

Isn't it great!
As she was a young puppy we didn't let on that it would be gone soon but we told her to keep warm and enjoy having a roll in the snow!

OTL was going on about the mist and the light and he was playing with his camera. He said that the shot of the Medway Fort reminded him of the pictures by the painter Turner, who ever he was!

Strange light across the Medway
On our way back we caught a fisherman taking a photo of our frozen Wormy Man, maybe he wanted to buy some worms so he can teach them how to swim!

Smile, say Snow!

Lunch time we went out down to the New Park for a run around. We met up with a young Beagle who was all jumping and running around. No manners at all, I had to give him a good woofing for sticking his nose under my tail!

Woof Off!
 Even Holly had to give him a woof as well, which is most unlike Holly, but you must tell them off if they deserve it or else they will grow up thinking they can just do it to anyone!

After he had gone I did what I have been wanting to do for some time, I had a roll in the snow!

It was super, I rolled onto my side, then my back, then my other side and then back again and then I did it all over again three more times!

OTL was laughing at me having so much fun that I thought he would join me for a roll!

Super, Just SUPER!
Back home for a rub down with our towel and a snooze before dinner, Chicken & Biscuits!

I wonder if the Wormy Man will still be there tomorrow?

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly