Friday, 11 January 2013

Snowflake gets the TV Controller & we get a Haircut!!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake back again!

We were up early this morning and out for a walk 'cos we are off to the 'Poodle Parlour' and our appointment is at nine when they open.

We met up with a youngster we had met before. She had a halter type of dog collar on that she hates and was rubbing it along the ground trying to get it off. 'It's OK when I rub it on the ground' she says, 'but you never know what you are rubbing your nose in on the ground these days!'

I just HATE this halter thing!
Off we went and left her to it! It wasn't long before we arrived and in we went, not too happy about it, Holly says she hopes we are not first 'cos the rubber gloves are always cold if you are first in line! 

Back home, Snowflake has been getting into trouble again while we were down the 'Poodle Parlour'. Old Two Legs let her out for a run as normal but to find her this time he had to go to the ground floor of Snowy Heights! Snowflake had gone down the tube but has yet to work out how to get back up!

She got so confused that she even fell asleep in her brand new Poo Pot! Well, that's OK providing it is used as a bed and not a Poo Pot!

I'm just Pooped Out!
She had a good game with OTL, chasing the squeaky toy that she likes to hide in her 'Den'!

In you go Squeaky!
 After that she went off looking for more toys! This time she found Diddly Diving Duck that came off a key ring!

Next she then set about trying to get Tiny Ted that has been around for twenty six years. He came from a birthday card OTL got from Mike and Susiequeue on his fortieth birthday!

She's Behind You!
OTL tried an experiment with Snowflake, he dabbed a few drops of Ferretone onto the back of his hand. Now, Ferrets go potty for this stuff. It is supposed to give them extra vitamins and other good things and also gives them a glossy coat and healthy skin. Snowflake says it's super tasting and she can't get enough!

So, there they are, OTL with his hand ready to draw back if he sees teeth and Snowflake licking his hand for all she is worth! OTL reckons that was a success! Snowflake says that she won't bite if she sniffs Ferretone!

It was good to see OTL after lunch when he picked us up and we are always thirsty after the Shampoo & Set, so a quick slurp from our 'Travelling Water Bowl' and onto the vet.

Promise, I didn't get too upset when they stuck that needle in me, even though it felt like a drain pipe! I was going to turn around and nip the vet but OTL had hold of me and I didn't want to bite him! Boy was I glad to get out of there! Every time I go to the vet I end up getting hurt! OTL reckons it's 'White Coat Syndrome', I reckon it is me getting hurt!

The vet said that Holly was getting too fat, (I've been saying that for ages!) so, now we are going on a diet, well Holly and OTL are. We can't have OTL stuffing his face with stuff and not give us a nibble, so what is good for us is good for him!

When we got home The Missus was all Ooh! and Aha! about us and we gave her a lick and waved our tails about to show off the hair cut.

Us, Looking Good!
Then TM did the same 'cos she had a hair cut this morning as well! So we went 'Ooh!' and 'Aha!' at her hair.

It was only then that we noticed that OTL had his hair cut, well, what he does is shave it all off himself, but we all went 'Ooh!' and 'Aha!' just in case he felt left out!

The only one who didn't have a hair cut was Snowflake and she said she doesn't have hair cuts 'cos she is 'Self Shedding' whatever that is!

It was later on in the afternoon that OTL let Snowflake out again for a run around and she pinched the TV controller! She said that she wanted it in her Snowy Heights so that she can switch channels and watch the Animal Channel when we are downstairs!

It's Mine Now!
So now Snowflake is all set for this evening and Holly and I are set for an early night 'cos all this charging about has worn us both out!

It looks like we won't be able to mug OTL for some nibbles tonight, so it could be Doggy Scoff or fresh air tonight!

TM is off to her Master Class tomorrow morning, so we will have to take her up there in the big car, which means we arrive for our walk in real style tomorrow!

It goes with the hair cut you see!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake (Still got her hair!)