Thursday, 23 January 2020

Another Snoozy Day

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret here again and guess wot?

Yep, it's another of those snoozy grey days!

I know it's still January but just for a change can't we have a bit of sunshine?

We were up again at six this morning, poor Old Two Legs was woken up at five thirty by something, he doesn't know what it was but he thinks it could have been The Missus 'cos she was up early with one of her 'Insparations'!

OTL says he is normally 'Inspired' to go back to sleep again were it not for the fact that Holly or I had given his ear a good licking!

We took the camera today but the chance of a photo is zero, I mean, clouds, dark, grey skies and misty rain!
Just look at that vista!
Using Sheerness Docks as a background and Holly and I in the foreground we managed this one.

Well, it's still misty!
We noticed that the last of Rosie's Grain Rock still hasn't been found yet. OTL says he is leaving it where it is as Rocks have been hidden there before and were found after a while.

Then, Just a few yards further on we spotted another Rock on the bench!
A bit early for the Poppy?

 They have been spreading chopped up trees on the path to soak up the water and reduce the muddy patches.
Looks posh!
 Just as we got to the car park Holly got all excited, there, walking and sniffing their way along the road was the Huskies Holly likes winding up!

She ran through the middle of them and then around them and finally back through the middle again!

Can't catch me cos I'm off the lead!
We had the groomer visit today, not for Holly and me but for TM. She didn't get washed and blow dried like wot we have to but she got a 'Dry Cut'. Holly an I watched her get shaved but she didn't have as much hair removed as we do, not fair!

Can you imaging TM with the same hair cut as OTL?

Those ferrets have been hiding their Chicken Strips all over the place and no matter how much Holly and I woof for OTL to help dig them out from under the chairs or the furniture, we still don't get to them!

We made such a fuss that in the end we got a couple of strips from out of the bag!


See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.