Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sand, Sea, Rain and English Whisky!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Last night after uploading the blog, The Missus says to Old Two Legs, 'Can we go out for something to eat?'

Seems, she was fed up with cooking and fancied being 'Wined & Dined'.

'Wot about The Girls?' says OTL, knowing that dogs aren't allowed into restaurants, why not get another Chinese?

Well, that was going to be the best offer TM got, unless she fancied eating fish and chips in the car!

That Chinese meal was super, Holly and I managed to mug some King Prawns off OTL and we also got stuck into the 'Plawn Clackers' again!

I had three or four but Holly got stuck in like they were going to be put away for breakfast, she had six!

After dinner, OTL started on his brand new bottle of English Malt Whisky! Yep! English Whisky!

Now we know that OTL does love a good West Highland Malt Whisky and he has his favourite ones that he keeps going back to, but, he will always try a new one, just in case!

Well, the colour wasn't as dark as the West Highland Malts and although it had the peaty start, it lacked the Sea Air that get into the West Highland Malts but it had some very interesting flavours. OTL reckons he could sniff chocolate and citrus and caramel. Of course, if he let us have a sniff we could give him the complete run down but he says he wants to enjoy the discovering all on his own!

A New Taste and distilled in Norfolk!
This morning we over slept and the reason was, when we woke up at our normal time it was chucking it down with rain, it was like a flock of pigeons running up and down the caravan roof! So Holly and I turned over and went back to sleep!

Our 'After Wake Up' snooze!
 A bit later on the rain cleared off and the sun tried to come out, well, that was all we needed, OTL, get yer coat on, the beach is calling!

The first thing we did was to have a run on the sand, then we headed off to the water for a cooling paddle.
Holly cooling off!
 Next was a play in the sand, Holly just loves diving into the sand and rolling about all over the place!

Here's Holly!
Then next was another dip in the water, just to wash to sand off!

Come on, Back to the sand we go!
Then it was back to have another dive into the sand and dig a couple of holes, just for fun!

I Jus' LOVE Sand!"
I was having fun running around and kicking sand up all over the place, I chased Holly and then she chased me and then I got a sniff...........................................Rabbit!

This is so much fun........................Wossat?.....Sniff?.............Rabbit!
 Off I went over the dunes and close on my heels came Holly, we were going like The Clappers of Hell! OTL came chasing after us and although it took him some time to find us, he did manage in the end. Of course, you know what happens next..................we are put on the lead again.........Deep Poo!

No, it was your idea to chase the rabbits, not mine, I just wanted to have a look at the view!
 We headed back to the car, two rather worn out puppies. We had to go through the RSPB bit and all the Twitchers looking at the birds and giving us odd looks 'cos they think we chase birds! As if!

 As we got close to the entrance, we heard a twittering sound coming from up in the branches and spotted a robin there jumping up and down and saying that dogs were not allowed!

Holly said that he should come down to our level and discuss it further and does he taste like chicken?

Well, that was it, off the robin flew back to his mates, that was him sorted!

No Dogs Here!
 Back home we had Lambs Heart waiting for us and it tasted sooooo gooooood!

It wasn't long before we were both back on the bed having our 'After Eating' snooze, but that's where we started out from this morning!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly