Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Sisters out for a walk!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back on a Super Sunny Sunday!

Hasn't it been glorious today, the sun has shone all day, which means that OTL has been getting all hot and showy off!

We were up good and early and off to The Sea Wall for our walk and of course, Snowflake came along as well!

Now it was a bit hard for Old Two Legs, controlling two dogs and a ferret plus take a camera to record the events, but he tried!

The Run Starts Here!
OTL said that he would have to take loads of pictures and hope that one or two were OK. You see, he couldn't hold the camera to his eye 'cos he was chasing around after Snowflake, so it was really a 'Point and Shoot' camera session today, or in OTL's case Wave and Pray!

There were times when Snowflake found a good sniff and shared it with us but what interests a ferret doesn't always set our senses alight, but it's always worth checking, just in case!

Sharing a Sniff!
Snowflake got into 'Hunting Mode' and was rushing about all over the place. She said she was 'Hunting Duck' today and the involved a 'Special Technique'!
Is that Duck I can Sniff?
The two times she thought it was duck turned out to be an old Fosters Lager can some slob had thrown into the grass instead of the waste bin!

Holly found an old ball that had lost it's air and was looking all soft and deflated!

All Puffed Out!
She even managed a few 'Woofs' at it but it didn't move, it just stayed there and wobbled in the wind!

Now, going out with Snowflake does give us some 'Street Cred' with the other dogs, I mean, just how many dogs can say that on of their sisters is a ferret! I know that she isn't a 'Real Sister' but it is getting like she is! Even when we are out for a walk, she is running just as fast as us when we trot along!

OTL has been all clever with the photo's, Snowflake has to be kept on a lead 'cos she is worse than us when she gets a sniff and to stop her running after the sniff, OTL has to be able to follow her wherever she rushes off to. Now this is OK but when your taking a photo, the lead is always in the shot, not good! So, Old Clever Clogs has been tarting around with the computer to get rid of the lead.

This way Girls!
See what I mean? For Gawd sake don't ask him to explain how he does it or he'll be talking about it for the next week!

Looking for Sniffs!
 It really does look like Snowflake is off her lead doesn't it?

Here be Rabbits!
 We got to the Rabbit Bushes and Holly and I went off to see if there were any rabbits above ground, Snowflake walked down the edge counting all the rabbits that had just gone down the hole!

She really is a show off!

The rest of the day was spent watching OTL in the back garden. He has cleaned up the area at the back and  has spread a sheet out and started to put stones on it. This is so that he doesn't have to do any mowing grass 'cos he suffers from Hay Fever!

Poor OTL, he had to work so hard and bow he has got a bad back! Let's hope it won't stop him from taking us out for a walk!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake