Friday, 5 July 2013

Fantastic Friday!

Hello Woofers!

It's the Terrible Trio again, Daisy, Holly & (Call me Slick) Snowflake!

Well hasn't the sun come out now? We were out good and early this morning with Snowflake and of course, all three of us wanted to go in different directions!

That got Old Two Legs confused, he didn't know which one to chase first!

When we finally got down to the beach, holly and I were in trouble but Miss Goody Two Paws, Snowflake The Good, she was still on her lead, so she couldn't really get into trouble!


Off she went, tearing along the Sea Wall and Holly kept up while I stopped every so often for a sniff!

Back home, OTL was sneezing his head off, Pollen Count High Today, he even had a nose bleed, which is not unusual for OTL, his sneezes are like bombs going off!

Mind you, once Snowflake has gone to sleep you need a bomb to wake her up, maybe!

Bomb? Wot Bomb?
The morning was spent eating and sleeping, we do that best of all, OTL was up in the office, 'Engineering' and generally making loads of noise!

There was a delivery around lunch time, OTL had been waiting for this and before long he was off to deliver it himself. He tried sneaking out without telling us, silly OTL, he's got to be quicker than that!

Off we went and you know what? We stopped off in the New Park and you can guess where I headed!

Yep! Straight to the Swimming Hole!

It was SUPER!

I dived in and had a splash about, OTL was throwing small stones into the water expecting me to jump after them, silly OTL!

Then I spotted a couple of Bozo's playing with a ball and they looked like being bored with the ball. So, I thought I'd sneak in and pinch the ball before they spotted me.

Well, that was the plan.

If I'm Quick!
 I started off towards the ball and thought I was going to get it but all of a sudden..........

Woof Off Shorty

 Shorty? Blooming cheek from a Bozo like him!

Along came a young Labrador who had never seen water like this before. All the water he'd seen was swimming around his drinking bowl.

He went potty! in fact we decided that it would be best if we left the Swimming Hole to him and come back later!

WOW! This is GREAT!
 OTL was doing his normal thing of diving into the grass to take photo's. Trouble was, every time he got close, he sneezed and blew the butterfly twenty feet away!

A Small Heath, about to get sneezed on!

 I played a trick on Holly, 'cos I jumped onto the Wood Ball and said 'I spy with my eye, a Rabbit!'

I Spy!
 Then I jumped  down and guess what?

 Holly showed off and refused to show my any sniffs she found!

OTL was still playing with the insects and Flowers. The next two pictures look good, you can see the fly zooming in, the Bumblebee exiting and then the fly has landed and getting stuck in!

Landing Lights On!
 Maybe next time he will take his macro lens so the pictures are sharper.

Grub Up!
 It was getting really hot so Holly and I decided that the best place to be would be the Swimming Hole, so we turned around and headed that way!
This is Better!

 We had a paddle and stayed long enough to have a drink and cool our paws!

Back home Snowflake was still snoozing, I've never known anyone to spend so much time asleep, even Holly!

Tomorrow it's going to be just as warm, so we will be looking for a shady spot in the garden!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake the Snooze!