Monday, 24 August 2015

Walking? No, I'm Swimming!

Hi Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May back again!

What a night last night! We had such fun and didn't get to bed until very late!

OTL was telling stories of when he was young and he and his woofer (Bob) would go for long walks in the fields near his house and chase rabbits and hunt for mice and voles!

Holly showed us a new dance she had made up called 'The Tail Wiggle' then she and OTL danced around the sofa doing The Tail Wiggle which was hilarious 'cos OTL hasn't got a tail so he had to use a dish cloth tucked into his belt!

Holly and I were laughing so much it hurt!

Surprising enough,  we were up early 'cos today we had to take the caravan to the menders for a couple of repairs that OTL couldn't do at home.

Out we went for our walk and got to the beach just as the first few drops of rain started to fall.

I feel rain drops!
 We didn't hang about too long and all of us were heading back to the car.

Just for a change, Brambles wasn't hanging about either, sniffing as normally does, instead he was chasing up the path behind Snowflake telling her to 'Get a Wiggle on'!

Come on Girl, get yer tail in gear!
We got to the car just as the rain started to come down proper like and luckily, OTL had one of our towels in the back so we all got a rub down, including the ferrets, before heading back home.

After clearing up all the mess from last night OTL asked if we wanted to go with him to the caravan menders.

Silly question!

As we headed off the rain really came down in bucket loads, I mean, there were puddles like ponds and ponds like lakes!

When we got there the rain eased off enough for OTL and the man to go into the caravan to talk about the things that needed doing without getting too wet!

We of course stayed in the car, we're not daft!

Back home Holly and I went off for a snooze while OTL got some 'Paperwork' done that he had been putting off for a while. Too much partying!

Lunchtime came and it was still raining, Holly and I had to get dressed up in our rain coats. The Page Three Girls hadn't got any coats and they were complaining that they were going to get wet!

But, we were in luck, when we got out of the car, the rain had stopped!

Mind you, that didn't stop April complaining about getting her paws wet!

She is as bad as Holly!

Daddy! My Paws are getting wet!
 OTL picked them both up and went down to the beach where it wasn't so wet and they had some fun showing Holly and me how good they were at hole digging!

This is how you start!
 It seems that Ferrets carefully mark out the edges of the hole very carefully and then.........

Dive in and go like the clappers!
 It was good fun watching them throwing the sand about!

Along the beach we all spotted a large log that had been washed up. Holly and I had a sniff and carried on up the beach. The Girls decided to climb all over the log giving it a good sniff!

Pleeese Daddy, can we take it home?
 The sun came out for a while and Holly said she was getting a bit warm in our coats!

Now I'm too warm!
 Miss May was ferreting around the rock pools and at one point she slide down a rock and landed in the water!

That was fun!
 Back home OTL was busy working so we left him alone and went off to woof at everyone who passed our front door!

The Missus is having fun 'Up North' and making lots of cards and meeting her mates. We haven't heard if she got caught in the rain today but she will phone tonight to find out if OTL is keeping the house clean!

As if!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.