Monday, 8 April 2019

Back to work again!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!

Well, we were late to bed last night 'cos Old Two Legs wanted to see a couple of episodes of  'Game of Thrones' on the TV so Holly stayed up with OTL while I sneaked off to bed to keep The Missus company, only problem is, she likes to take up too much of the bed and when OTL and Holly want to get into bed there's only room for one, Holly!

OTL gets all grumpy!

This morning we were up late but it didn't matter cos there was rain in the air and a mist on the ground! So, not the most exciting walk along the sea shore!

OTL kept looking landward to see what birdy's he could see in the trees but there were no rare birds at all just a .......

A Blackbird looking for breakfast.
 Then we spotted a Magpie sitting high up in the tree looking to keep his territory free from other magpies!

This is my tree!
 As we headed for home there was a seagull sitting on top of a mobile phone mast and he was rather rude 'cos he told us to clear orf!

Clear Orf or I'll poo on you all!
Holly mumbled something about seagull soup but we didn't hang about too long!

Looking out to sea we couldn't see a thing, just too much mist and fog but we did hear the fog horn blasting away, it sounded rather sad!

That fog horn don't arf rattle your ears!
Back home OTL has been doing some engineering while Holly and I did some snoozing!

Miss May was almost up to her ears in the Convalescence Powder stuff in the small bowl, she just loves that stuff!

Lunchtime it was The Missus who gave her the Convalescence Powder stuff and May sat on TM's lap slurping it down while watching some craft stuff on the TV!

The leaves on the trees are really racing along now and it won't be long before they are all out.

Dunno what it is called but it wasn't there yesterday!
 We met up with Miss Polly, she is the one that just loves OTL and as soon as she gets to OTL's legs, she rolls onto her back to get her tummy tickled.


She was just the same when it was time to go, roll onto her back and refuses to go!

I ain't going anywhere until I get another tickle!
 Holly and I were wondering if I would get a wash and shave today but as there was loads to do I reckoned I'll get away with it today. Holly was saying that it wasn't too long before she got used to the haircut, even if it was a little short!

Mind you, this jacket helps!
 OTL reckons that with he haircut, Holly looks about the same size as me even though I haven't had a shave yet and to prove it he took a picture!

Yeah, but side ways on it's a different story all together!
 I see that Archie Babe has yet to make friends with that Alexa Thing I mean, sticking up pictures of Archie without permission is just not on!

OTL is off next week with Alun to Scotland, a place called The Cairngorms which sounds like something you could catch if you sat on cold stones!

He is taking all his photo stuff including his big lens which he hopes will come in handy to photograph red squirrels and crested tits and deer and owls and eagles and who knows he might even see an osprey!

There on the other paw, if it rains he will just have to put up with visiting all the whisky distilleries in the area!

Poor OTL, such a hard life he has!

See you all tomorrow!