Friday, 1 July 2011

July with a Killing!

Hello Woofers,

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

We love Fridays, 'cos Old Two Legs does his 'working in the office' bit in the morning and after lunch we go out for a very long walk and maybe an adventure!

Today we had our normal morning walk around the fields, you know, inspecting the crops, checking the horse poo and sniffing the 'notice board' for other doggy visitors!

The sun shine is really super down here, good and warm on your back and when you roll over, nice and warm on your tummy!

We kept all quiet and snoozy in OTL's office while he got all the paperwork sorted out, so come lunch time we decided to go out to the New Park, via the accountants and the carriers and the bank!

Finally we got down to the New Park and this time OTL had brought a bag of tennis balls, just for us to play with. Now don't get me wrong, we are Terriers, not the old faithful fetch and carry type of Labrador or Collie or Spaniel. We are Terriers and that means we don't chase balls and bring them back, oh no, we chase balls and kill them!

OK, I'll kill it this time!
On the way down to the Swimming Hole we chased the ball and chewed it, then chased it some more and chewed it again until we got to the Swimming Hole, when OTL does his trick of tossing the ball in the water a couple of times for me to fetch. Boooring! I don't fall for that trick again!

Too deep for me!

There was this Floppy Eared Spaniel doing the fetch and carry bit so I told him to fetch my ball, which he did, without any problem. As he spat it out he told me not to lose it again 'cos he was just too busy chasing his own ball!

Here you go young lady!
So off we went again, chasing and killing the ball, until we met Enzo, now Enzo was a six month old mixup but he was running and jumping and playing up to OTL, who just loved it, just like the big soppy Two Legs he is. Then Enzo said,'Hey, watch this' and threw himself into a big muddy puddle that Holly and me wouldn't even wee in, never mind jump in!

It just feels good!
When I asked him why he did it, 'Man, it just feels so good' was all he would say about it!

As Holly says, 'What ever turns you on Poochy Babe'!

Back at the Swimming Hole we met up with a Maltese Terrier, which is what we got a bit of in us, but Holly reckons that we've only got the tail bit!

A quick sniff!
From the park we went straight down to the vet to get Holly checked over again. The vet agreed that the pills were working and she has to go back next Tuesday for the vet to try to find out if it was caused by a plant, insect or chemicals. This may involve trimming some fur off her muzzle.

Now that should be fun to see, Holly with a bald snout!

If the vet gets carried away she could end up as bald as OTL!

See you tomorrow, we're off for an adventure down to Grove Ferry to look at a Night Heron that is supposed to have landed there.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Ball Killers)