Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mr Brambles is laid to rest.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back again!

Did you know that the Sun, Moon and Earth have been 'In Alignment' over the last couple of days?

Neither did we, why should we?

Well, what it means is that when High Tide arrives, it gets further up the beach than normal!

We spotted the result this morning when we got to the beach.

That was a High Tide!
Not that Miss Snowflake was that interested, she said she could have done with an extra half an hour in bed!

Another half an hour?
 Down on the beach she had us all going, she reckoned she could sniff a Kebab on the wind. Holly and I couldn't!

We were getting worried in case our noses were wearing out but it was Old Two Legs who pointed out that the Kebab Shops don't open until the evening!

Mmmm! Chicken Donna with Chilli Sauce and Pitta Bread!
 Yeah! OK! She fooled us this time!

Back home the last bit of the new cage system arrived and OTL started to rearrange everything so the towers would fit in properly. Mind you, his back is still hurting so it was 'Painfully' slow! 

He managed to get Miss Snowflake all sorted out and looking very trim. The Page 3 Girls would have to wait until after the lunchtime walk.

There was an on shore wind and wot with the Moon and stuff it looked like swimming was out today!

No, not today!
We found a bit of a boat washed up on the shore. Miss May said that she reckons it came from a boat that had already been broken up by the sea 'cos the paint was all old and peeling!

Where is the rest?
May was having fun, she got her paws wet by getting too close to the waves and it was a good job she had her harness on and OTL on the end of the lead!

She rushed up the beach and proceeded to dig a hole the size of Christmas!

I Just Love Holes!
Back home OTL decided that it was time Mr Brambles should be introduced to his final resting place.

The pot had contained some flowers that were past their prime, so out they came and in went Brambles, all wrapped up in a pillow case and curled up like he was asleep.

The Missus also pointed out that the pot contained the finest quality 'John Innis No. 2' and that should be very comfortable for him!

We put some slate stones on top to keep the cats away and topped it all with Mr Brambles Wee'ing Stone that OTL will en-scribe at a later date.

Sleep on Bro Brambles.
See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

We're Back!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May back here with you again!

We bet you thought we had dropped off the map!

Well, you can blame The Missus for the lack of blogs! You see she has been going on about calling into the Gretna Green Designer Centre and doing some 'Shopping'.

If we had left on Monday, there wouldn't have been time to call in 'cos the journey to home would have been at least nine hours, and that's not including the time spent at Gretna!

Well, she kept on whining and pouting and coming out with the big 'Deep Meaningful Sighs' so that in the end we agreed to leave a day early and overnight at Gretna.

It was such a rush to get packed up and on the road that we didn't have time to leave you any sort of message to tell you we had gone!

Worst still, the Gretna Caravan site doesn't have Wi-Fi! So that's us done for!

We did all the shopping bit and as tradition states, we had a Chinese Take Away and Holly and I chomped away on the Plawn Clackers! and TM was sloshing back the Bolli!

We were up and away by seven for the journey home. We landed on the drive at just gone three, so that wasn't too bad. We were all tired and we didn't even empty the caravan, instead we left it for today to finish off.

As normal, there were piles of letters and stuff on the mat and today OTL has been working his way to making a big pile for working on tomorrow!

Archie Babe asked about Brambles 'Wee'ing Stone' and yes we got one for him. Old Two Legs brought it home in the car. As we were packing up, TM insisted that she had the Wee'ing Stone in the caravan but OTL knew it was in the car. This morning TM was unwrapping the 'stone' from a plastic bag when she discovered that she was unwrapping the fire extinguisher!

OTL reckons it's to much Bolli!

We were all late getting up this morning and OTL still has the bad back he got lifting the ferret cages in and out of the car!

We got down to the beach and had a good sniff around to see what had changed. Miss Snowflake said that she would remember Mr Brambles every time she had a wee on the rocks!

This is for Brambles!
We had a look up and down the beach and although this is 'Our' beach, it certainly was nowhere near as big as the holiday beaches!

Just a little bit bigger?
Snowflake enjoyed a good rub down in the plant on the beach. She kept on nibbling the stems then rubbing her head on them, I suppose it's a bit like us woofers, it makes a change to sniff of something else!

Having a Really Good Rub!
 Lunchtime we were down again with May and April and it took a little while before they managed to wake up and get out of the travelling cage!

You mean we are here already?
It seems they were still tired from yesterday!

The wind was blowing up a bit and the waves were crashing against the sea wall, not enough to come over the top but we didn't fancy a swim!

They're bigger than Scotland!
Tomorrow, providing the sun is shining, we will bury Mr Brambles in the back garden. TM has suggested we bury him in a big plant pot so that if we ever move, we can take him with us!

Now, that's a good idea!

Dinner is on it's way, so we are off for some mugging!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss April and Miss May.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

We got thrown out, again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here with you again!

It has been a super sunny day today, which is just as well 'cos The Missus chucked us out again!

We got a better rest last night with TM snoring her head off for just half the night, we think the Bolli helped!

But we still got chucked out, straight after walking the ferrets!

So, there we were, sitting in the car trying to decide where to go, we have covered most of the area now so it was a case of 'Where do we want to go back to'?

In the end we chose the Mull of Galloway and Port Logan 'cos the views are fantastic and the beach at Port Logan is just made for us puppies!

So, first stop, Mull of Galloway.

We got onto the RSPB site by the lighthouse and spent some time ferreting around for sniffs. Well, Holly and I did, Old Two Legs was looking for wild life!

The first thing he found was a caterpillar who was Big, Mad and Hairy, a bit like OTL really!

Well, Mad and Hairy anyway!
 OTL thought a wall looked interesting and spent some time clicking away with different settings on the camera.

This looked the best!
   Next stop was Port Logan, well, not before stopping at this pile of rocks that looked like a small Broc!

A Broc is a sort of double skinned tower that the locals built many thousands of years ago and this one reminded OTL of one!

Where is the outside wall?
Holly and I stayed down on the ground while OTL climbed up and stood on top of it, taking pictures and saying how wonderful it was!

Just don't jump off!
 When he finally climbed back down we headed off to Port Logan where Holly went potty dancing about in the sand!

 She was so covered in sand that she almost went into the sea to wash it all off!

Hang on! This is deep enough for me!
We went all the way along the beach and then back again. It was super! We were running and jumping and chasing stones that OTL had thrown for us to chase after as they rolled along the sand!

This is a great place for woofers!
We came across several Nelly Fish stranded on the beach so we had to dance over them 'cos there was nothing we could do!

We went out on the harbour wall to watch them get the fishing boats ashore. Holly says that it would be a good idea if all the boats were fitted with wheels, then they could drive up the beach and not have to get their cars all wet!

There must be a better way!
Down the other end of the beach was the Logan Fish Pond, a sort of Sea Life Centre. There were no Woofers allowed, so OTL left us in the car while he went to investigate.

There was a big pond made from a volcanic blow hole that had sealed itself some millions of years ago. It was used as a pond to keep fish in for eating, before frozen fish were invented.

Now, there were a number of fish held there and as OTL was looking at them, a whacking great big flat fish called a Talbot came flopping along and stuck its head out of the water to look at OTL!

The man who was telling OTL all about it said that the fish was called Emily and she always did that to anyone who got down on ground to look into the pool!

There were cod and Gurnard and Dab and Plaice and Dog Fish and loads of other species!

In the end OTL had to say bye bye to Emily and head back to us 'cos we wanted another run on the beach before we were allowed back in the caravan!

When we got back TM was fast asleep and it was only the sound of her mobile phone that woke her up, OTL was phoning her to ask if we could come in!

Tomorrow is our last day here, so it is all clearing up and storing stuff so we can get an early start on Monday.

Bye bye for now,


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.

Friday, 25 September 2015

We've been to a Book Fare!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here!

We have had a funny day today, you see, The Missus has been a real pain in the tail!

Last night she was kept awake by the wind blowing the awning and making a squeaking sound. Now Holly and Old Two Legs and me just sleep through the noise, we know what it is and there is no danger, so, back to sleep!

Not TM!

She gets fed up with the noise, gets out of bed at three in the morning and proceeds to march up and down the caravan, turning on the lights, starting her computer and iPlod up, (with the sounds enabled) and then turns on the water pump so she can make an endless stream of coffee that keeps her awake until the sun comes up!

We were not happy puppies!

We were also tired puppies as well!

After OTL had finished all his chores, TM announced that she wanted to go to a Book Fare in Wigtown!

'What's a Book Fare?' we asked.

'A place where arty and clever people go!'

So that let OTL and us out for a start!

But, once TM has made up her mind we were off to Wigtown.

On the way TM said she was tired and kept on shutting her eyes, now, I don't know if it was deliberate, but, OTL did manage to find lots of bumps and pot holes in the road, which kept TM awake!


We got there and had a mooch around but unfortunately nothing really started until three in the afternoon and didn't pick up until the evening, so, we decided to have a look at the marshes to see if there were any birds, but there were none to see!

We did however see the Martyrs Post on which many many years ago some people were drown because of their religious beliefs. OTL says that things haven't improved 'cos there are still things like that happening all over the world!

So much for religion!

The Martyrs Post
 When we got back to the path, there was an explanation of it all!

Will we ever learn?
One good thing OTL found back in the car park, fungi!

There he was, on his knees clicking away, anyone would thing he hadn't seen a fungi before!

Looking Good!
Then he found another type of fungi but this one was in a big bunch!

I've got a lovely bunch of Fungi!
After a spot of lunch in a restaurant that allowed dogs in providing they had well behaved owners. TM said that we were always well behaved, but she couldn't say that about OTL!

Back home to the caravan OTL decided to try taking out all three ferrets at the same time. Well, he actually had Miss MacMay and Miss MacApril together on a yoke and Miss MacSnowflake on a separate lead.

Then, getting onto the wide area of sand he got them all out and told them to 'Play Nicely'

Play Nicely!
Fat chance! Almost as soon as MacSnowflakes paws hit the sand she was off after the others with mayhem on her mind!

OTL had to separate her from the others several times and at one point he had to put her back in the bag!

Yeah! Keep her in there Daddy!
Then OTL had to make sure they both had equal times running on the sand, so he had to pick up the Page 3 Girls while MacSnowflake was out of the bag.

Having a cuddle with Daddy!
It was unfortunate that MacSnowflake spotted this and as soon as the girls were put onto the grass, MacSnowflake was doing the 'Highland Charge' towards them for some 'Discussions'!

Come Here! I'll teach you to stay away from my OTL!
 In the end, it was the two girls, out front, on a long lead while MacSnowflake was kept back on a shorter lead, while Holly and I came up the rear, keeping out of trouble!

OTL trying to keep the peace!
Back at the caravan we were let off our lead and told to go into the awning but as soon as we were unleashed, we shot off to chase the rabbits!

We had such a good laugh, those rabbits hadn't been chased like that for ages! We were tearing all over the place woofing and yelping and there was at least five campers trying to catch us!

Fat Chance!

In the end all the rabbits were in their burrows hiding, so Holly and I reluctantly allowed ourselves to get 'Caught' and marched off to the caravan in 'Disgrace'!

But it was such good fun!

See you all tomorrow!


Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

We get chucked out, again!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here on the blog again!

Last night Old Two Legs checked up on the weather forecast and it indicated some wet stuff in the morning! What happens? Bright sunshine and clear blue skies!

So much for the money they throw at the 'Super Computer' to forecast the weather! I could do better with some sea weed and a wet tail!

Yo Archie Babe, we do hope you don't get the sharp thing, cuddles we are OK with but the things that hurt are not very nice!

Today we were instructed by TM to 'Clear Off' 'cos she had some canvases to do for her next 'Master Class', well, that means we couldn't take the ferrets out at lunchtime, but we did as we were told, we're not that brave!

We went up past Stranraer and along the coast as far as we could. Sometimes on these country roads stop in a farmers yard where he is loading up the muck spreader, phew! wot a stink!

OTL spotted a tower on top of a hill, so we just had to investigate it, I mean, who plants a tower on top of a hill?

That's one big wee'ing rock!

It turns out to be a sort of memorial stone for a local dignitary, a bit like Mr Brambles Wee'ing Rock, but much bigger! 

....and now you know!
 After getting lost a few times, we ended up at Corsewall Lighthouse, which also doubles as a hotel and restaurant. Wot a spectacular place to stay when there is a storm blowing in! Especially at £110.00 – £145.00 per person per night!

Coreswall Lighthouse.
We had a walk all over the rocks and looked down into the sea. Now I don't do heights, in fact I'd rather be right down the bottom and safe on the ground!

Can we move away from the edge?
There were some Gannets diving for fish, so OTL gets out his big 'Show Off' lens and sets it up on the tripod and spends some time clicking away trying to get the Gannets diving into the sea.

There were some he got.........

....and some he missed!
and just occasionally....................

Almost two!
 Then, just for OTL a Gannet would do a 'Show Off Dive'!

Double flip with curved entry!
Now it wasn't stormy but there were some big waves crashing over the rocks, just imagine what it would be like on a Winters Storm!

Waves getting bigger!
We thought we were safe, sitting at the top but as the waves got closer we started to wonder!

Can you hear that rumbling?
 Then, without warning it went 'Splash' behind us!

That's it, we're off!
 We headed back to the car and passed a notice on the way.

More waves?

We also had some fun with this notice, like, just how big can a wave be from a ferry three miles out to sea?

Mind you, there were some big waves sloshing against the shore where we were, and there was no ferry in sight!

We were glad to be back in the car and heading off for home, back to some Doggy Scoff.

We stopped off at a Picnic Place but there was no one eating any nosh, so, we went hunting rabbit but even they had legged it!

Not even a rabbit to nibble!
So, back home, maybe we can do some mugging!

See you all tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A sort of Wet Wednesday!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay here again!

Wednesday and according to Google, it's the first day of Autumn, well up here it is cloudy enough and we have had some rain as well!

We knew the rain was coming 'cos Old Two Legs had a look at the forecast for our area on the computer last night. So we arranged to get up earlier than normal so we can get our walking and wee'ing all done before the rain comes down!

We only just made it back before the first drops landed on the caravan roof!

Now, you know how much we love winding OTL up? You will be pleased to know that the 'Page 3 Girls' are joining in with the sport!

OTL likes his ferrets to be, well, 'Predictable'. He likes them to sleep in the several beds he has installed and he likes them to poo in the specially located Poo Pots that are also filled with a shovel full of cat litter. It soaks up the wee and helps to deodorise the poo!

Now, OTL does some 'Observing' and then places the poo pot where the ferrets go to poo, normally in a corner, away from the bed and food.

Since arriving, the Page 3 Girls have been pooing in one corner, then as soon as the poo pot arrives, they poo in another corner. The poo pot is moved to the new corner and for one night it is used by the girls. The next night, it's back to the other corner and nothing in the poo pot!

OTL says that when we get home, he is going to cover the bottom cage with poo pots and cat litter. What's the betting they kick the poo pots into a pile and poo around the edges?

On our run this morning, Miss MacSnowflake was first out and enjoyed a carry to the beach on OTL's shoulders, she even gave him an ear licking, after getting he nose under the 'Beenie Hat' OTL's wearing today!

Of course, I knew he had the ball in his pocket so as soon as we stepped onto the beach I was telling him to..........

Throw The Woofin' Ball!
On the way back we got really close to a Bunny but he legged it before I got to him!

Stand Still and let me bite your butt!
The next walk with MacMay and little MacApril was getting close to when the rain was due, so, Holly and I kept our eyes on the horizon to make sure we didn't get caught in the rain! Well, I don't mind swimming in water but I don't like it when it drips on your nose!

Is that rain over there?
Holly was convinced that the rain would come from a different direction, just to catch us out. So, she kept her eyes on a particularly dark cloud that was heading our way!

It looks like a rain cloud!
Lucky for us, we all got back before the rain arrived.

As we couldn't go out in the rain, it was decided to go shopping in Stranraer, well what else can you do, except fall asleep on the cushions!

It was just after one by the time we got back and OTL said we could go for a walk on the beach. He had a look in the ferret cages and the only one awake was Miss MacMay. MacSnowflake was snoring her tail off and MacApril just rolled over and went back to sleep again!

So, that was it, out came MacMay for a run. Now, Holly and I are getting over our Grumbly Tums and OTL is managing to pick up our poo in those little plastic bags.

So, there he was picking up the poo and MacMay was resting on his arm. OTL was in the process of tying the bag when MacMay decided she wanted to get down and OTL wasn't letting her get down quick enough!

So she did what any ferret would do when she wants attention, she sank her fangs into OTL!

Poor Lad, 'Oh Golly Gosh You Little Pickle' he said, or something like that!

MacMay was put down to walk as she wanted. But, when she wanted to be picked up again 'cos the stones were a bit awkward to walk on, OTL just told her to 'Be careful' and she had to walk all the way back!

Of course, out came the TCP and now the caravan stinks of the stuff!

A Ferrets Kiss?
 The Missus has plans to make another canvas thingy and has taken over the awning, so we all have to get into the caravan by the back door!

TM's Studio!
This afternoon the sun poked it's head from around the back of the clouds, so off we went to Port Logan again but this time TM came with us. As soon as we got there it started to rain again!

Ten minutes in the car and the rain stopped enough for us to go for a walk along the beach. Now this beach is big, I mean, not only long but wide as well and it has three types of sand, there is the wet stuff and then there is the dry stuff that used to be wet and then there is the very dry and powdery stuff that never gets wet! Holly loves that stuff!

Holly dancing in the Dry Stuff!
 We were off sniffing while TM and OTL walked along the waters edge. Trouble was, TM wasn't looking where she was going and ended up with wet boots!

TM getting her boots wet!
 OTL was playing with the settings on the camera and tried this 'Looking into the sun' type of photo. Which only goes to prove, you don#t always have to have the sun behind you!

Looking into the sun.
Well, we have just had some chicken and now Holly and I are off for a snooze until OTL gets fed, then we start mugging!

See you all tomorrow.


McDaisy, McHolly, Miss MacSnowflake, Miss MacApril and Miss MacMay