Monday, 31 December 2012

Winding Up The Missus!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We have been spending all day with The Missus today 'cos Old Two Legs had to go out and didn't get back until late this afternoon.

Our morning walk was not as much fun 'cos TM didn't bring a ball with her to throw for us, mind you, I seem to remember that she was worse than OTL at ball throwing, so I suppose we got let off lightly!

Before OTL left he cleaned up after Snowflake and gave her a stroke and a cuddle, so she didn't bite him and let him brush her as well!

I still fancy having a taste but I'm trying really hard to be on my best behaviour and not lunge forward! You see, the trouble is, I don't see a ferret. all I see is a White Squirrel and you know what it's like when I see one of them in the trees!

Oooh! I come over all trembly and can almost smell Squirrel Pie!

After lunch we got another walk down on The Sea Wall and this time I got a really strong sniff of Rat, I mean, seriously strong sniff. There I was 'Ferreting' around in the bushes chasing the sniff all over the place and I just didn't hear TM calling me!

 Well, she was running up and down the Sea Wall calling me and whistling her 'Dog Whistle' (Ignore that thing anyway!)

She even put Holly back in the car and telephoned OTL to ask for instructions! In the end I decided that the rat had cleared of and I blame that whistle, it really goes right through you!

I finally came out of the bramble bush and walked up to her to tell her all about the big rats I had chased off, but she seemed more interested in telling me off for not coming back to the whistle. I mean, I never take any notice of that whistle anyway, no matter who is blowing it, so I don't know what she has to be cross about!

Later on, OTL came back and we gave him a 'Welcome Home' lick and we all went up to see Snowflake. She was pleased to see OTL as well but when he started to play with her on the desk top, she bit him twice, just to show that she didn't want to go back into the 'Shower Cage' again!

As we said to her, 'That's not the way to play with OTL, not if you want to stay here!'

She had a good game trying to get into the bag of Ferret Nuggets, you know she is as much of a greedy guts as Holly!

Just Checking the Ingredients!
No matter where OTL placed Snowflake, she kept on going back to the Nuggets! It wouldn't be so bad but she has had a bowl full of them plus a lump of raw chicken this morning already!

Mmmm! Nuggets!

When Michael and Sue were over here yesterday, OTL and Michael took some pictures of the late afternoon sun to compare colour handing of the camera processors and this is OTL's effort!

Sunset and Power Station!
 Boring or Wot!

I prefer pictures of Holly and me but I suppose OTL has to have a break every so often!

Not sure what is happening tomorrow, OTL may have one of his 'Late Mornings' like he did last year but we don't mind 'cos we can stay up late tonight and sing songs and pinch some of OTL's shortbread!

We are off now so a big Happy New Year to you all from us here in sunny North Kent!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake, TM & OTL!

See you in 2013!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Visitors!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again!

It has been a busy old Sunday today. First of all there was the clearing out of the Ferret Cage, also known as The Shower! You know, I've never known anyone to poo as much as Snowflake, I mean, if I did that much I'd be nothing but skin and bones in a week!

Today, Old Two Legs and Snowflake have been having some 'Bonding Time' together and she hasn't sunk her teeth into his hand at all!

She may have brushed his finger with her fangs but no pain or blood!

As a treat, OTL got some of our chicken breakfast and gave it to Snowflake, she started off chewing it but in the end dragged it into her bed and buried it under the towels for a nibble later.

OTL says that if she hasn't eaten it by tonight he will have to get rid of it.

Our morning walk was good, we met up with Michael & Sue and of course, Michael had his camera with him. As Holly said, 'Oh No! Not another camera nut OTL is bad enough'!

Another Camera Nut!
 Holly met up with her mate, Bella, who was kept on her lead 'cos she runs off and won't come back. As she says, 'All I want to do is run!'

I'd love a run!
Back home it was a brush and breakfast of Chicken and Biscuits, the same as Snowflake but she has her chicken raw. As she says, 'Give it to me all Raw and Wriggling!'

Raw and Wriggling

 I'm going to have to watch her if she gets close to me!

OTL let her out of her Shower Cage for a run around in the office, he had to keep his eyes open 'cos he was afraid she would run and hide amongst all his stuff under the desk. She was a good Girl and stayed in sight, most of the time, and stayed away from me!

A 'Safe Place' to explore!
Lunch time came and we went off for another run down on The Sea Wall, there were a few other dogs and as the tide was in, a few fishermen as well.

One lady had caught a couple of fish and Holly and I asked if we could have a sniff but she said that they were all wrapped up and she wasn't going to get them out for us..........spoil sport!

Got any fish Missus?
OTL was throwing the ball for us but as you know, he's not very good at throwing and soon the ball ended up in the sea. I went in as far as I dared but in the end it was too deep for me, so it was Bye Bye Ball!

Bye Bye Ball!
Back home OTL and Michael were playing about with OTL's big camera lens and Michael took this picture of a Collared Dove that was sitting on the roof next door.

Smile for the Camera!
Snowflake said that if we could get any of the birds into her cage she would show us a good trick, yeah right! How to pluck a Pigeon in one easy lesson?

And to look at her you'd think she was a big softy!

I'm Cuddly Really!
Right, OTL has been called for his dinner, so off we go to help him eat it!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly & Snowflake

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ferret News!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again!

Another fun packed day! We were up good and early, just to have a woof around the house before jumping up onto Old Two Legs bed and cuddling up for an 'After Wake Up Snooze' while he got out of bed to sort Snowflake out!

You see, keeping a ferret in the shower can be a bit of a messy business, if you get my drift!

Before OTL can have a shower and take us out, he has to get Snowflake into the carrying box and lock the door. This morning was fun for him 'cos Snowflake had decided that the corner she normally uses for a loo was too full and as OTL hadn't cleaned it up, she found another corner to start a fresh pile!

Also, because she is on this super Ferret Nuggets, it is possible that her tummy is a little 'delicate' at the moment and last night she didn't make it out of the box in time, OTL had to get the box all cleaned before she could be taken out of the shower!

So, OTL decided that it would be a good idea to try letting Snowflake loose in the bathroom while he cleaned everything up.

That was OK, she had a 'Ferret Around' exploring the bathroom and sniffin every where! She was even running over OTL toes, without biting him!

Well, in the end he got it all sorted and out we went for our morning walk. You know, just for a change, it wasn't raining!

Look! No Rain!
We got back and after our breakfast we settled down to watching Snowflake in the shower getting bored. So I suggested she have one of my new balls to play with and she rolled it around for a bit but got bored again and went back to bed!

Lunchtime down on The Sea Wall we met up with a big old Rottweiler who was fat, like I mean, overweight 'cos he was just too greedy! I told Holly that she would look like that if she kept on pinching my food!

He was a bit of a lump but joined in the joke and said that if we gave him any more cheek, he'd sit on us and squash us flat!

Call me Porky would you!

Up the top of the hill we met up with another bunch and Holly kept on calling out to them to play chase but as they were going one way and OTL was going the other, one of the Two Legs told Holly which way she should go!

Holly! Back to Other Way!
 We didn't go straight home, instead we went to the Doggy Shop but it was only to get some bits for Snowflake, so we stayed in the car and let OTL loose!

He came back with a Cat Litter Tray and a bag of wood pellets and a couple of toys for Snowflake.

Snowflake immediately jumped into the Litter Tray which contained the wiping of her last poo and did another one! She is a fast learner and OTL was tickled pink over that!


Then she had a play with the toys and the ball before going back to her food bowl!

Maybe I'll have a play later, after I've had something to eat!
Holly was keeping a close watch on Snowflake, making sure she ate all her diner and I asked OTL if I could have my ball back seeing as Snowflake has got toys of her own!

Holly keeping watch.
 OTL was looking for a picture of Snowflake playing with the toys but she got all embarrassed about posing in front of the camera and instead went back to drinking her water!

Not bad this water!
 OTL said Snowflake should keep my ball as I had a load more in the cupboard that I could play with any time and if I took it back Snowflake wouldn't have a ball to play with.

I sort of saw the logic, but it's still my ball, but only on loan!

 We are off now to do some mugging 'cos OTL has been called for dinner, so, bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Not forgetting Snowflake as well)

The Tick Count is now Fifty Three that OTL has removed, but they are beginning to drop off now, so that stuff the vet put on seems to be working!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Snowflake the Ferret and Us!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy Holly and Snowflake here!

We thought you would like that!

Well, rain, rain and more rain and puddles everywhere! That includes Snowflake as well, she has been poo'ing and wee'ing, well at least five times since she has arrived! It is a good job that she keeps to one corner of the shower for her ablutions, it makes it easier for Old Two Legs to clear it up.

If she has to stay any longer we can see OTL getting a tray and some 'Cat Litter' to save him all the work!

We went for our morning stroll and met up with Lilly, that young Rottweiler and we told her about Snowflake but she didn't seem too interested as she has never seen one before!

Where is Holly?
 Half way through the walk Holly disappeared, I mean, like gone! We couldn't see her anywhere and no matter how much we called!

After a while we found her, 'Look' she said 'I am sure I can sniff another Ferret!

Look, a Ferret Sniff'!
I had a sniff and confirmed it as 'Rat Sniffins'!

 Back home the day seemed to revolve around watching Snowflake jumping and snoozing and eating and poo'ing and wee'ing and biting OTL when he is not careful when he picks her up!

This is better than Television!
It was fun watching her have a clean up 'cos she seems to be able to get to bits of her body while tied up in knots!

A Knotty Clean Up!
 It was then that we spotted the dreaded signs, Ticks!

 That was it, Doctor OTL went and got his tools and set about removing every tick he could find. He got up to forty nine before deciding that there were some still between the eyes (very small Ticks) which he really needed expert help with, plus there was some sort of crud behind the ear he was not sure of and his eyesight wasn't good enough to identify!

So, a phone call to the vet and an appointment made for five forty!

Holly and I have decided that OTL can go on his own!

Ticks? Wot Ticks!

 We spent a little time telling Snowflake all about the Vets and how OTL cries when he comes out of there and she has got to be brave and not bite OTL any more.

However, she can bite the vet, just for us!

Biting the vet is good, OK?
 We'll let you know later how Snowflake got on.

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly and Snowflake!

Well, she didn't bite the vet and OTL got all cocky thinking that she was going to be all cuddly, so he stuck his finger by the carrier box to brush her nose, then she bit him again!

Will he ever learn?

The vet shoved some drops onto Snowflakes back to get rid of Ticks, Worms and fleas and OTL has to take her back in ten days time to get her checked up on Ticks etc!

Guess what? The Missus is talking about keeping Snowflake!

Bye bye for now.


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mud Castles or Worms & Snowflake Arrives!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Have we had an exciting day today!

First of all there was the morning walk, in the rain, pouring down on our heads and soaking us through to our tails!

OK, I've done everything, can we go home now?
Old Two Legs insisted that we have a 'Reasonable' walk and led us off to the place where we normally turn for home!

So much for the 'Short Cut'!

We did spot a Wormy Man out on the mud digging, Holly said it looked like he was playing sandcastles, but with mud, so that means he was playing 'Mud Castles!'

Mud Castles!

Back home for a good rub down and a bowl full of Doggy Scoff!

Turkey and High Living one day and Doggy Scoff the next!

Lunch time the rain stopped so we were out again and we had an even longer walk this time, down to the Cuckoo Path before we turned.

We also met up with a youngster who said that she was six months old and seemed to be a bit scared of us!

Bet the table will turn in another six months!

Please don't woof at me!
We told her of a couple of really good sniffs back down the path a bit but she said that she was not allowed off the lead yet!

Get a load of this sniff here!

Back home we let OTL get on with some work in the office while we had a sniff at the Doggy Scoff to see if it had got better, it hadn't!

Then Holly spotted something in the garden, something small, white and sort of small squirrel like!

Well, that was it, we were at the window giving it some woof!

I thought it was a squirrel and Holly thought it was a small cat and we started giving it some serious woof as it ran around the garden looking for the way out!

All our woofing brought OTL out of the office and down to see what the woofing was about, then he spotted it creeping behind the shed. 

'It's a Ferret' says OTL and we watch it for a few minutes, that was until we decide it wasn't going out of the garden and it was going to continue driving us mad!

OTL grabbed my bowl of Doggy Scoff and went out on his own to see if it was hungry, well, it had a couple of mouth full then dived under the shed. OTL then decided that it was a pet that had escaped from someone in the area and said we should first capture it and then see about finding its home.

Now, OTL has absolutely no experience of ferrets other than what he has seen on TV, where they sink their teeth into the presenters finger.

Yep, that's what happened to OTL when he put his hand down to grab it!

So, with blood dripping from his finger he distracted the ferrets attention with his other hand and grabbed it across its back and picked it up. 

Next, OTL got a big cardboard box and into the box went the ferret, followed by a bowl of water, which it jumped on and spilt it all over the floor!

Well OTL spent the next hour or so on the phone and The Missus went banging on doors to see if anyone had lost their ferret, no luck!

All the local animal rescue centres either 'Didn't Do Ferrets' or 'Sorry, we are full up with Ferrets' or '....If it is urgent please leave you name after the tone......Beeeep'

So, no joy there. Next he decided that the ferret looked like it was going to be staying overnight at least, so a quick look on the Internet for some advice on Ferret Feeding! A trip down to the Doggy Shop got a bag of Ferret Nuggets Food and a china bowl so she couldn't knock it over!

OTL had a look and spotted it was a girl, or as they are known a 'Jill'

Where to 'Store' this ferret was the next question? In the end we decided that the shower was going to be the best bet 'cos it couldn't get out and if it had a wee or a poo, OTL could wash it away before he had his shower!

So, here we are, ferret in the shower absolutely stuffing itself full of 'Ferret Nuggets' 'cos it was starving!

Holly has named the ferret as 'Snowflake'
 Being an Albino Ferret it is whitish all over and has pinky red eyes and after feeding it went over to Holly and they both exchanged 'Hairy Eyeballs'!

Looking at Me?
 I'm not too sure what is going to happen tomorrow when OTL wants a shower but he is on the phone trying to find a good home for Snowflake!

Holly is captivated by Snowflake!
So, if we can't find it a home tonight, we could have it for a while!

 By the way, so far it has bitten OTL twice, both times when he wanted to pick it up, once from behind the shed and once when he tried to get it out of the box to put it in the shower!

A Little Sweetie, with sharp teeth!
 Holly reckons that it could taste like chicken but OTL says that she isn't going to find out 'cos it will bite her back!

Mind you, I've had a nibble of the Ferret Nuggets and they taste of chicken and I even had a nibble of a couple, well, better than Doggy Scoff!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly (Please can we keep Snowflake?)


We have located a lady in the village who takes in lost an bewildered animals but she can't take Snowflake 'cos she has a shed full of Hedgehogs, so she has loaned OTL a cat travelling box so he can put Snowflake in while he has a shower.

Another problem solved!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day & An Anatomically Incorrect Bird!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us back again, Daisy & Holly!

Well, we went to bed last night and we didn't wake up at all until gone seven this morning! Holly even had to be lifted out of her bed and carried downstairs!

Holly just doesn't do mornings!

Down on The Sea Wall it was sunny first thing and it seemed that everything was yellow!

A Yellow Beach!
 Of course it was the sun shining on everything and this early in the morning it is normally yellowy red looking, pretty, but once you've seen one the rest look the same!

Having a game of Beach Ball!
We had a super game of 'Chase the Ball' and 'cos it is so muddy, Old Two Legs got cross 'cos I jumped up onto his new trousers and left muddy paw marks, a sort of Boxing Day present for him!
Boxing Day morning looking at Sheerness Docks.
 Back home to a super big breakfast of Turkey and Gammon and biscuits. Well, after that, all we could do was to collapse into our Day Bed and sleep the morning away!

That's how to spend Boxing Day Morning!

A Sensible place to be!
 Even Holly joined in this game!

Wake me at Lunch Time!
While we were asleep Old Two Legs got out one of his presents he got yesterday from The Boys. Now we are really sure that they were having one almighty big joke.

After carefully unwrapping the paper we found that our family had grown by one!

Here is Apollo, well, that's what it said on the label!

For those of you who are new to the blog or have short memories, OTL dug a big pond for the garden this year, filled it with a few plants and loads of water and declared that it would mature 'Naturally' which means, 'It's on it's own now'!

So, slowly it has started to gather insect life and the birds use it for a bathing pool as well. There are no fish in there and for all we know it may have newts, whatever they are!

We have a drink every day 'cos it is a bit colder than our drinking water in the bowl and is not so bland in it's taste!

Getting back to the 'Present', well it is a Grey Heron, not exactly correct but close enough to fool most people and passing White Tailed Eagles!

We know it is made of plastic and it is hollow, so after OTL had plugged it's legs in, the feet were weighted down with stones from the pool surround.

So there is stands until it gets knocked over and sinks in the pond.

Apollo The Heron
Now don't call us picky but, where they have made provision for a plastic tube to be mounted, so you can fix it to the ground, there is a protrusion.

We are not too sure that if you fixed the pipe in place that it would not look like Apollo has three legs!

So OTL has sensibly left the pipe off.

This has presented us with another problem.

The Heron now looks Anatomically Incorrect!

We reckon that OTL will have to do some work with a Junior Hacksaw and a file to 'Round Off' Apollo before we allow him to be photographed again!

Curtains and the Junior Hack Saw Please Nurse!
See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Day in the Household!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here, Merry Christmas to you all!

We had great difficulty getting to sleep last night, every time we drifted of there seemed to be a noise coming from the roof or the chimney or the loft or the front door or the garden or just Old Two Legs snoring and Harrumphing as he turned over in bed!

Then about three thirty there was this noise from down stairs, like a plate being knocked off the coffee table!

Holly and I stuck our heads under our blankets and closed our eyes tight and didn't say a thing, until we woke up this morning, about five thirty!

The Missus was getting up at the same time, so, off we went with her to see what was down stairs.

Well, our stockings were full of chews and toys, Holly and mine that is! TM had her own toys and a brand new pair of Golden Slippers that she puts on and does all her carding stuff in!

OTL staggered down stairs and put our lead on us and off we went to The Sea Wall for a very early walk. This was very strange but not to worry, as soon as we got back we were off to Auntie Zoe for Christmas Day!

There was The Boys there as well, which pleased Holly and she had a cuddle and a lick of them all and then I did the same! We got more presents and a Christmas Scarf each which we wore all day!

It says 'Yappy Christmas' where's the Squirrels!
We also got a walk in a small park across the road which had loads of squirrels running around! OTL wouldn't let us off the lead when we went out which was a bit of a spoil sport 'cos we could have chased the squirrels all through the woods for miles.

Which I suppose is one of the reasons OTL kept us on the lead!

Look! Another one and we're stuck on this lead!
We had a super dinner of a Turkey Leg each. A Turkey is really a very big chicken and is very tasty, especially the way that Auntie Zoe cooks them. You see, she is a Professional Cook and knows how to do this stuff properly!

We also managed to bag some Pigs in Blankets, which are sausages wrapped in bacon and we got some Gammon slices and some more turkey and Holly had some carrots as well!

The best bit was when OTL had finished his ice cream, we got to lick the bowl clean!


Gissa A Lick of The Bowl Missus!
We first mugged TM and then next I got onto OTL's lap and we kept very quiet until the ice cream arrived!
Where's the Ice Cream?
 Well, after all that we couldn't do anything other than crash out and sleep it all off!

Wake me at Tea Time!
 We have just got back home and are setting down to a great snoozy evening, nibbling at the tasty bits and mugging OTL for some of his shortbread!

See you tomorrow!

Loads of Luv,

Daisy & Holly

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve and we are in Trouble!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on a Christmas Eve edition of our 'Famous Doggy Blog'!

Well, this morning it has been a bit of a run around in more than one way! First of all we were out on our walk along The Sea Wall and you know, we didn't see any other dogs!

Holly reckons they have all gone away for Christmas to a place where there is warm sun shine and sandy beaches where a dog can dig all day in the sand and never get into trouble!

I did point out that we were about a half hour later than normal and more than likely, all the dogs were back at home enjoying a big breakfast!

Sun shine, beaches and sand holes and all I get is Puddles!
Mine you, Holly got up with the grumps today, she was sleeping in her bed when Old Two Legs announced that we were going for a walk and when he tickled her behind the ears to wake her up, she did her 'Grumbly Voice' which means 'Leave me Alone, I don't want to ..............'!

Not that it stopped OTL getting her up and down stairs 'cos as he says, 'I've got a bigger Grumbly Voice than You!'

We had our walk then headed for the town to do the banking and get OTL's glasses mended. The glasses he looks through, not the glasses he holds his whisky in!

He did the Banking but the Opticians were closed! So that means OTL will have to wear the second pair which he says makes him look old. I didn't think it was his glasses that made him look old, rather it was all the white hair and wrinkles that are the give away!

Back home to a brush and some Lambs Heart with Biscuits for our late breakfast and then a snooze in the Day Bed until lunch time.

We were a bit late going for the lunch time walk 'cos OTL was finishing off all the bits of paper that were piled up on the desk and when he had finished, we were just ready for a stroll.

Well, a bit of a 'Chase The Ball' game and a splash through the puddles again was all we did, no woofers to say 'Merry Christmas' to, not even a pussy cat to woof at!

All the Wormy Men had gone and The Fishermen were still at home, the birds were hiding in the bushes and the rats and rabbits were all fast asleep!

Chase The Ball on The Beach!
 Even along The Sea Wall there was no one about, just us!
Wet & Windy on The Sea Wall.
 All the puddles were still there and we had to walk in them, just to get to the car!
More Puddles!
 When we got back home, OTL helped us get ready for Father Christmas to come and we wrote out our letters and left him a list of things we would like and if he could leave us any of them we would be really, really grateful!

We said that we had been good dogs all year long and had not caused too much trouble and hadn't chewed OTL's boots or The Missus's card stuff and we had kept the garden free of cats so that the birds can feed.

We finished off by saying that the carrots were for Rudolph and the other reindeer and the mince pie was for Father Christmas and the Whisky was for The Elf.

Then we hung up our stockings and left the carrots and stuff by the fire.

That was until we got a little bit hungry.

We had our dinner and then sneaked over to have just a little nibble of the carrot and the mince pie, but we did leave some for later, for Father Christmas and the Reindeer and The Elf.

We did, Honest!

A Woofing Big  'Merry Christmas' to all you Woofers out there!
Lots of Luv,
Daisy & Holly
  The Missus & Old Two Legs xx