Friday, 22 March 2013

Freezing Friday!

Yo Ho Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you again!

What a day! We've been looking at the weather reports and it seems we must be the only town without six foot of snow!

Mind you, it was freezing on our morning walk. The wind was coming in off the North Sea and it must have been a force eight gale blowing 'cos both Holly and I were frozen!

Cold and Windy Sis!
 Holly reckons it was cold enough to freeze the tail of a Husky!

I reckon she was right!

Even the sniffs were too cold to be interesting. I only found one and that was an old one on a step, out of the wind!

Wotcha sniffin Sis?
We didn't hang about too long and didn't even think about Bunny Chasing either! It was back to the car and we both sat on Old Two Legs lap for a cuddle before we set off for home!

As it is Friday, the food man brought us loads of stuff to eat and to celebrate, The Missus cooked up some Lambs Heart!

It went down a treat!

Then off we went to the office for a snooze. Well that was the plan but when we got there, OTL was on his knees cleaning Snowy Heights, from top to bottom. Snowflake was trapped in the upper floor while OTL was inside cleaning out all the stuff on the ground floor.

Now this cleaning is very thorough and he takes out all her bedding and food and water and poo tray and toys and climbing stuff.

Now Holly, being a bit of a 'Piggly Puppy' spotted Snowflakes Ferret Nuggets in her food bowl and that was on the floor outside Snowy Heights.

OTL was inside Snowy Heights getting all busy with the dustpan and brush.

So, Holly had a sniff, then she had another sniff and then she had a taste of one, then she had a taste of two, then she licked a couple more up and then she got a bit carried away and stuck her nose in and started to chomp away!

OTL thought it was a bit strange, Holly cuddling up to him while he was cleaning, then he spotted the reason and told Holly that she was a Porky Puppy and he shooed her away from the food bowl.

Well, she legged it down stairs to get the protection of TM and sat there on the sofa licking her lips!

I bet she will have put on a couple of pounds after that lot.

When OTL came up stairs again to finish the cleaning, he looked at the bowl and said that he was sure there had been some Ferret Nuggets left in the bowl and he gave me one of his 'I know, but I can't Prove It' looks!

I just licked my chops and gave him one of my winning smiles!

Lunch time it was just as cold, so again we didn't hang about too much. We could see the waves out at the edge of the mud flats getting all angry and splashing about, ready to come back for High Tide this evening!

Angry looking Waves!
We had a quick game of 'Chase The Ball' but it didn't last long 'cos I pretended to loose the ball on the beach!

Bet he won't find it here!
 Snowflake got a fresh bowl of Ferret Nuggets and she spent the afternoon eating them and stashing some away in her bed, for later tonight when she gets peckish around midnight!

Tomorrow TM is off to her local 'Crop', you know, all Gas & Glitter! So we are looking forward to a fun time with OTL and he says that maybe Snowflake can come downstairs for a run around the kitchen, where we keep out food bowls..................................I've just decided that is a BAD idea!

She will be eating our food!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!