Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Worn Out OTL!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here on a Super Sunny Day!

We've been out early this morning on our run along The Sea Wall but we wanted to get back 'cos we had Lambs Heart for breakfast, seriously super grub!

Old Two Legs was playing in his office first thing but soon he was in the garden.

After breakfast, Holly and I thought we would have a roll around on the pond, just to try it out for size!

We tried jumping in at the deep end, then we slide down the walls into the deep end and then swam to the shallow end to have a bask on the 'Beach' bit!

Trying The Pond for size!
OTL was out the front of the house shovelling earth into the skips that were delivered this morning.

He had ordered a three cubic metre skip but they delivered two one and a half metre skips which was OK 'cos they added up to three metre.

Now, OTL has been having a problem with this digging lark because first of all he dug out the pond to roughly the shape and depth he had in mind, so he has a big pile of earth in the garden he has shovelled once. Then, to get it out the front of the house he shovels it all into a wheel barrow and moves it to the front of the house and empties the barrow onto the place where the caravan normally is parked.

Then once again, he shovels the earth into the skip. So that means he will have moved the earth pile three times! At the moment we expect to have moved four and a half cubic metres of earth three times!

So, OTL will have moved thirteen and a half cubic metres of earth by the time he finishes and that's without the earth he will shift 'Sculpturing' the pond to shape.

We told OTL about our calculations and asked how he felt about moving that much earth.

He Cried!
Holly pointed out that his hat was soaking with sweat, (something us doggy's don't do!), everywhere except for the very top and the outside of the brim!

We decided he needed a break, so we took him off to The Forest where he could have a walk in the shade of the trees.

We didn't complain when he wanted to take a picture of the Fairy Queens Throne!
Throne of the Fairy Queen!
We know there are other seats all over the forest and sometimes OTL stops for a rest!

He spotted that there were still loads of Bluebells out in the sunshine, so he took another boring picture!

This is Boring!
We saw several squirrels and called for them to 'Come on Down' , but they didn't!

So that gave OTL time to take another flowery picture!

Flowery Path!
Back home to another afternoon snooze while OTL finishes loading up the skips. He has got another skip lined up for delivery on Friday, so that means he has tomorrow off, now what can we get him to do tomorrow?

We will let you know!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly