Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Woofing Good Day

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Last night was a little jumpy for Holly, we were going to take her out in the car if there were too many Whizz Bangs,  but as the evening wore on we decided to lock ourselves in Old Two Legs office and turn the TV on to block out the noises. Holly had a cuddle with OTL then went to sleep on his desk top with her head in his hand!

A Nice Warm Pillow!
After all the Whizz Bangs had finished we went to bed and Holly still wanted a cuddle! She is a big baby really!

Today, no Whizz Bangs and the sun is shining again, so, off to The Sea Wall for a run around and woof at the birds.

Holly said that if she found any more Whizz Bang Bags, she was going to wee on all of them!

Looking for Whizz Bangs to Wee on!
 She never did find any but it was good to see her laughing again after being scared!

OTL was looking for interesting things to photograph but the sun was too strong and too low and all the interesting stuff was still in bed!

I can see another trip down to The Forest coming up if we are lucky!

Hey! OTL! I'm interesting!
Unfortunately, we were sort of unlucky, no Forest walks for us today, instead we went to The New Park!

 We met up with a little Terrier who we have seen before, so to say 'Hello', we all had a 'Group Sniff'

Group Sniffin!
Just as we finished a young pup of a Staffy came bounding up shouting 'Let's Play Chase!' So, we did our normal run around and sniffin and Bella, that's her name, was saying that she didn't get off the lead very often, which was obvious by way she was tearing about all over the park!

Let's play Chase, please!
We left Bella in the 'Training Area' totally ignoring what he owner was saying, which is normal for a youngster!

We still ignore OTL, when the sniff is good enough!

It was good fun running around the park and OTL kept us away from the Swimming Hole 'cos he said that we would be too cold if we went in there and to be honest, we agreed with him this time!

Getting near to the car we met up with a big Alsatian, I mean, he was big, really big and he had a face that wasn't really like Alsatians.

He said his name was Buzz and he used to be a Police Dog but he has now retired from 'The Force'.

My name's Buzz!
Holly asked how did he get the name Buzz? Well, says Buzz, it's because when I was being trained for my job, I would enjoy it so much I was buzzing about all over the place!

He said that he had some serious Wolf DNA and if you look at his ears and muzzle you can see that they are not Alsatian!

We said we were Terriers and had loads of different DNA in us, that's why we are good at Terrierising rabbits and squirrels!

He thought that was funny and wandered off to carry on his walk!

Back home we had to finish off the Doggy Scoff before The Missus would give us our treat, a chew for Holly and a Chicken Fillet for me!

We have yet to mug OTL for his dinner, so claws crossed, he may get some steak tonight!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly