Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Day of Sniffs!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and not forgetting Freddy de Ferret are here again!

Old Two Legs was up very early this morning, he had loads of stuff to do before we went out, like clean the ferrets cages as well as have breakfast!

You see it is one of those 'Master Class Days' and The Missus wanted the little car to get all the stuff up the hall and OTL was instructed to collect a couple of 'Students' from the railway station in Strood just before nine!

We decided to leave May and April in bed after they had their run around. Well, it was not really a run around. April had a wander about after her medications and ended up in one of the drawers where she sort of fell asleep!

May on the other paw was trying to start a war with Wendy through the bars of Wendy's cage. Now Silly Wendy got caught by May through the bars who was hanging onto the back of her neck with her teeth!

OTL had to prise them apart and May ended up in the 'Naughty Cage' before being put back in her clean cage, where she then set about kicking the bedding all over the place!

So, there was OTL, on his knees, inside Wendy's cage, clearing up the nights evidence when there was a big kerfuffle over at May's cage.

There was Wendy and May having 'Tooth Fencing Warfare' through the cage bars!

Now it was Wendy's turn for the 'Naughty Cage'!

OTL was having no nonsense this morning, he had too much to do!

Off we went down to the beach, in the big car and as May and April were at home, we had a chance to chase a rabbit or two and hunt some sniffs!

Yellow Filter?
The clouds were rather dark and OTL reckoned that it may have a been a good idea to bring the Yellow Filter, but he didn't so we have a 'coloured' photo that looks more like a Mono picture!

While OTL was trying to be 'Artistic' Holly and I were investigating the remains of a fire that someone had been burning last night. Looking at the bits of rubbish left there we decided  it was some fishermen 'cos there were strips of fishy sniffing stuff they use instead of worms! Mind you, we prefer worms cos' they are better to roll in!

Sniffs Fishy to Me!
Back home Holly and I had some Lambs Heart while OTL went off to do his 'Taxi' job!

Of course, after a big bowl of food all Holly and I were interested in doing was sleeping!

Lunchtime both Freddy and Wendy were awake and waiting to go out for a run. Down on the beach it was still cloudy but now there was a little rain in the air. That means OTL's camera was getting wet every time he got it out of his pocket to take a picture!

Yuk! Now it's raining!
Both ferrets decided the best place to be is in the ferret bag and the chased OTL along the beach!

Spot the rain drops!
Wendy decided to have a good roll in the Sea Kale while we were waiting for Freddy to finish sniffing at something under the sea weed!

This is Greaaaat!
Back home we watched some TV while OTL was reading the 'Ferret Book' for some advice on Ear Mites. Wendy is showing evidence in her ears of mite infestation. There is more ear wax than normal even after three days of washing! So, OTL has put some powder in her ears which was first sold back in 1907!

It seems to be working and OTL will be giving her ears another wash on Sunday. All the other ferrets seem to be clear at the moment but they all had a dusting, just in case!

Tonight OTL has got curry, so not much mugging for us except a bit of soggy Nan Bread!

April seems a little brighter today and has been taking her meds and even managed a little game with OTL, so, claws crossed!

Tonight we have been promised the first dose of Anti Tick stuff, so that means that the Scottish Holiday is about a month away!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.