Friday, 21 June 2019

Sun Shine and a Lost Ball!

Hi Woofers!

We are back again, McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret!

Now us woofers are good at getting our own way, I mean, we just have to look at our Two Legs and give them 'The Look' coupled with a little Mental Telepathy and Boom, it's done!

For instance.

Now, pay attention, I'll woof this only once!
 I'm quite good at doing the 'Look' and Holly just has to roll her eyes and it's sorted!

Look into my eyes........Look into my eyes!
 When Holly does 'The Look' it is normally something to do with food but with me it is 'Walkies'

Me on our crowded beach!
 One good thing about our beach is that there is a lot of sea before it gets deep and I have to go out a long way before I loose the sandy bottom!

OK, Throw the ball.......I said Throw The Woofing Ball!
 Now, we had great fun throwing the ball and me chasing it but we got into trouble when my paws couldn't find the bottom and I need the bottom to push against the ball 'cos my mouth isn't big enough to get the ball in.

Well, you know what happens, Old Two Legs throws the ball too far, I can't pick it up, my paws are off the bottom and the ball floats off into the sunset!

Anyone seen my ball?
 One thing we did see this afternoon, a Nelly Fish but it's paws were on the bottom of the sea, so it was stuck and we don't think it will swim away 'cos the sea was going out rather than coming in!

A grounded Nelly Fish!
 Now, I bet you didn't know but today is the longest of the year. We didn't get up early to see the sunrise 'cos there were no stone markers to mark the suns progress around the sky. It seem that there are some cairns around here but no stones, funny that!

As OTL says, 'There's Rockall Here'!

He is such a wag!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret!